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Product versions:
Xcelsius 2008 SP2
NW BI 7.01 SP5 or 7.02 SP0


This article presents the configuration steps to integrate your Xcelsius dashboard that is based on SAP NetWeaver BW Connection(s) into the NetWeaver Enterprise Portal.

Detailed Steps

  1. Determine the BEx Web Launcher URL for your dashboard, it should look like this one :
    This is the URL launched from Xcelsius Designer when using the option SAP / Launch. The DASHBOARD=Z_MYDASHBOARD_TECH_NAME parameter is the specific query string parameter that identifies which dashboard to display, where Z_MYDASHBOARD_TECH_NAME is the technical name of Xcelsius dashboard object published to the NetWeaver BW server.
  2. Log on to the SAP Enterprise Portal using a portal login ID that belongs to a role with portal content administration rights. Navigate to Portal Content tab: and Click on Content Administration > Portal Content
  3. Open Portal Content Directory (PCD) folder and navigate to the folder where you want to publish the dashboard to. In this example, TechEd09.BI264 > Bangalore. Select the context menu option to create a new iView under the folder : right click on folder > New > iView :
  4. Select the BEx Web Application iView (SAP Netweaver 7.0 format) template and click Next :
  5. Enter a name and ID for this new iView :
  6. Configure the BEx Web iView query string parameter to refer to the technical name of your published Xcelsius dashboard object :
    System = SAP Localsystem (or the appropriate system parameter)
    BEx Web application Query String = DASHBOARD=[technical_name] where [technical_name] = technical name of published Xcelsius dashboard object
  7. Click Next and Finish. The following message box is displayed on when the new iView is created. Your iView is now ready to be view from the portal.

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