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Java Report Engine SDK Samples



  • Interactive Editor Integration Java Sample
    This sample demonstrates how to integrate the Java Interactive Editing Viewer in a third party application. The Interactive Editing Viewer views both Web and Desktop Intelligence documents. It also allows you to create or edit Web Intelligence documents.
  • JSP Tutorials
    This sample consists of several tutorials that demonstrate how to use the JSP package in the Report Engine SDK. This sample demonstrates the following functionalities:
    • Folder Navigation for Documents and Universes
    • Displaying a document in HTML
    • Saving a Document
    • Creating a Document
    • Handling prompts
    • Export to XML, XLS, and PDF
    • Viewing Report parts


For a list of supported formats, please kindly refer to the documentation of the SupportedViews Interface of the API Reference for the Report Engine Java SDK:
Report Engine Java SDK API Reference for XI 3.x
Report Engine Java SDK API Reference for XI R2
Direct link to the SupportedViews Interface documentation for XI R2

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