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About this Wiki

In this Wiki, we will share the latest known issues with Web Intelligence. These are issues that have been discovered by our Customers, or internally by our engineers. Some of these issues have been resolved, while others are still being investigated. Our hope is to share this information with you early so that you are aware that the issue you are seeing has been identified and that creating an incident may not be necessary. 

Rows in green are issues that have been resolved. Everything else is in progress.


CategorySAP NoteSymptomEnvironment Reproducing the Issue
Refresh on Demand 2353457
Canceling the query execution of a Web Intelligence report based on a long duration BEx query may generate core dumps
  • Core dump files are generated by WebIntelligenceProcessingServer service that may crash intermittently
  • The following exception appears in the traces: "...|X|...|IE.C3_DPManager|...|C3_RefreshInfo:dsl_refresh_info::stream::Refresh:..."
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 Support Package 02
  1. Logon to BI Launchpad
  2. Open a Web Intelligence report based on long running BEx query
  3. Refresh the report and Cancel it before refresh finishes
    1. >> A core dump file may be generated and WebIntelligenceProcessingServer server may end unexpectedly
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