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The purpose of this page is to briefly provide an overview of the Override function for LifeCycle Manager in BI4


One of the new features of LifeCycle Manager in BI4 is Connection Overrides.  These Connection Overrides allow users to promote connections on which other objects depend without having to reconfigure them on the destination system.  This is specifically used when the source and destination systems use the same connection with different backend data or login information.  Remember that when promoting the overrides, you are not promoting the actual connection until it is included in a job.

Types of Overrides

These overrides are used for Universe connections

These overrides are used for Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) WDSLs
These overrides are specific to Crystal Reports that contain connection information

Promoting Overrides

The following is taken from the BI4 LCM Users Guide

1. In the "Administration Options" window, click the Override Settings option. The "Override Settings" window appears.

2. Click Login. The "Login to system" window appears.

3. Select the source system marked as Origin to scan the objects, and login to the system using valid credentials.

4. From the Start drop-down list next to Scan, select the Start option. The scanning process starts. The "List of Overrides" is displayed.
Note: To schedule the scan to suit your preferences, select Recurrence Settings option from the drop-down list.

5. In the list of overrides, change the status to Active for the objects you want to promote, and click Save.

6. Click Promote Overrides. The "Promote Overrides" screen appears where the list of destination systems is displayed.

7. Click Login to log into the destination system using valid credentials. You can specify multiple destination systems.

8. Click Promote.

9. From the "Override Settings" screen, click Login. The Login to System window appears.

10. Login to the destination system using valid credentials.  A list of all the promoted objects is displayed in "list of overrides". The status of these objects is Inactive.

11. Click the Select check box for the objects you want to edit, and click Edit.

12. Update the required values, and click Done.

13. Change the state of the objects to Active and click Save

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