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To deploy this pattern, perform the following workflow steps in the order listed:

To set up ...


Linux Pattern Prerequisites

A checklist of items to consider before deploying this pattern.

File Sharing

Configure access to a shared file repository location. Instructions for setting up NFS and Samba are provided.

Sybase Middleware

Install and configure the Sybase Client.

BusinessObjects Cluster

Install the BI platform servers on two machines and then cluster them together.

Application Server

Install Tomcat on two machines and then cluster them together.


Install Apache, configure the modules and load balancer, and purchase a security certificate.

File Repository Server

Set up the file repository server with either Network File System or Samba.

Authentication Server

Set up authentication system with LDAP.

These tasks are arranged in the same order in the table of contents.

For information on the databases you will need for this pattern, see Databases Overview (Linux).

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