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This is a list of the master KBAs per area 

Installation / Upgrade / Deployment

KBA NumberDescription
Master KBA: Supported Platforms Guide / Product Availability Matrix (PAM)
1904814Master KBA: Best practices for a successful migration to BI4 using the upgrade management tool
2232191*** Master KBA *** - How to upgrade minor version of Tomcat which is bundled with SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0/4.1/4.2
1872663*** Master KBA *** - LCM with CTS+  Reference and Troubleshooting
2030585 BI Platform Split Deployment HOW-TOs
2068932Master Note of Default Cache and Default Web Application Deployed directory for all supported application server in BI 4.1


KBA NumberDescription
2127813 ***Master KBA *** Troubleshooting Publications in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform
1234080How to troubleshoot CMS Cluster communication issues
2103024*** MASTER NOTE *** How To Trace Business Objects 4.0 and 4.1 (Servers and Clients)
1867416*** Master KBA *** - Troubleshooting performance issues in SAP Business Intelligence 4.0
2241459*** Master KBA *** - Platform Search Application
2128270 ***Best Practices*** SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform - CMS Clustering
2050594 How to upgrade to BI 4
2408250Open Document for BI products *** MASTER KBA ***
2456458Auditing in SAP BI Platform 4.x *** MASTER KBA ***




KBA NumberDescription
1500150Troubleshooting SAP SSO issues from BI to BW, in XI 3.x and BI 4.x
1323391What are the requirements to perform SSO or manual authentication from multiple AD forests in XI 3.1 or later
1900023How to setup SAML SSO to HANA from BI
1748508What is Single Sign-On (SSO)
1965433Setting up AD SSO when CMS is on Unix or Linux in BI4.1 ***BEST PRACTICE***MASTER KBA***

Configuring Active Directory Manual Authentication and SSO for BI4


Semantic Layer

KBA NumberDescription
2172277*** Master KBA *** Prerequisites and Troubleshooting Guides for database connectivity issues for Web Intelligence document on BI 4.x
2049869*** Master KBA *** Best Practices using Index Awareness in Universes
2127285*** Master KBA *** Troubleshooting Oracle connectivity issues in Information Design Tool
2213342****MASTER KB*** Troubleshooting IDT BI Relational JCO Connection To SAP Netweaver BW
2059608*** Master KBA ***  Best practices for Database Delegated measures or Smart measures in Web Intelligence


Web Intelligence


KBA NumberDescription
1940100*** Master KBA *** Design-time query not available (WIS 00000) error when using BICS connectivity with WebI in BI 4.1
2054721More information on the Web Intelligence error "WIS 10901"
2054722More information regarding the Web Intelligence error "WIH 44444"
2215139More information on the Web Intelligence error WIS 30270
2215195More information on the Web Intelligence error WIS 00000
2215215More information on the Web Intelligence error WIS 30951
2453422BI4.x: Special Characters from Database to Web Intelligence *** MASTER KBA***
2458684Charset and Font related information on Displaying WebI document ***Master KBA***
2458695Charset related knowledge and issues when exporting WebI as CSV file***Master KBA***
2455771Double Byte Characters issues when exporting WebI into PDF*** Master KBA ***

Crystal Reports

KBA NumberDescription
2245135Connecting to from Crystal Reports *** Master KBA ***


List of Registry Keys used in Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio and BOE 4.x .NET SDK to fix, change or correct behavior *** Master KBA ***

2356308Installation of Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer and Print Control *** MASTER KBA ***



KBA NumberDescription


*** Master KBA *** Installation and Configuration of SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform


*** Master KBA *** Troublshooting QE_ERROR_0000007: Internal query engine error 
2219393 *** Master KBA *** SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform - Common Issues
2303956*** Master KBA *** Configuring SSO with SAP Lumira

*** MASTER KBA *** Refreshing datasources in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform when using SAP Lumira

2343130*** Master KBA *** SAP Lumira & BusinessObjects Mobile
 2343573*** MASTER KBA *** SAP Lumira and SAP BW
2219393 *** Master KBA *** SAP Lumira - Common Issues



*** MASTER KBA *** Unix Installation of SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform  

SAP Lumira - Licensing, Download and Activation FAQ *** MASTER KBA *** 



KBA NumberDescription
 2306555 *** MASTER KBA *** BusinessObjects Mobile - Installation / Configuration / Connection / Display / SDK
2306677 *** Master KBA *** - Troubleshooting BusinessObjects Mobile issue


 Live Office

KBA NumberDescription
*** MASTER KBA *** How to troubleshoot and enable Live Office toolbar
*** MASTER KBA *** How to troubleshoot Live Office timeout issues
 2398597  Best Practice: How to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication for Query As A Web Service and Live Office



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