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This page explains how to set the necessary rights for users to use the SAP BI mobile application on Blackberry devices.

To set the rights for the user or groups, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Central Management Console application.
  2. Under Manage category, choose Applications.
  3. Select SAP BusinessObjects Mobile from the list and click on Manage user security icon.
    The User Security: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile popup appears.
  4. Select Add Principles.
    The Add Principles popup appears.
  5. To assign appropriate rights, choose Users or Groups.
  6. Select Add and assign security and perform following substeps:
    1. In the Access level tab, choose the access levels.
      Note: The minimum access level you are required to assign is View.
    2. In the Advanced tab, Select Add/ Remove Rights.
      The Add/Remove rights popup appears.
    3. You can set grant or deny rights for each listed application right.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile supports the following application rights for selected users and groups:

Right Description
Log on to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application Permits you to log on to SAP BusinessObjects Business 
Intelligence platform (using the Mobile application) and 
view documents.
Subscribe to document alerts Permits you to subscribe to document/recurring alerts.
Save documents locally to device Permits you to save documents on the Mobile device.
Send documents on device as an email Permits you to send reports by e-mail.

                       d. Select Ok.


By default, users belonging to the administrators group have full access rights and all other users are only granted
the "Log on to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application" right unless these rights are explicitly denied.

Previous Versions 

 The Mobile application rights did not exist in XI R2 and XI 3.x releases. Hence, if you are upgrading or migrating
from an XI R2 or XI 3.x system to a 4.0 system, rights for users and groups need to be configured in the 4.0


SAP BusinessObjects Mobile supports the following authentication methods:
● Enterprise
● Windows AD
● SAP R/3

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