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These official product tutorials are designed to help you learn how to use SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) products available in SAP Crystal Server, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI , SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform/Suite/à la carte, and the SAP BusinessObjects Analytic editions.

Select a product below to view a library of conceptual animations and interactive step-by-step demonstrations for that product, or review the Hot Topics at the bottom of the page for concepts and features that apply across the BI suite of products. Start exploring the content below to learn more.

Note that the main focus of these tutorials is on beginner and core topics for BI designers, analysts, and consumers. For additional information for these roles and BI administrators, refer to the product documentation. SAP Education also offers a BI training catalog, Knowledge Acceleration software, and RKT learning maps (for delta education on new releases).

Looking for a free trial of SAP products? Visit our Free Trials page.

Hot Topics

The following tutorials cover features and concepts that apply across the BI suite of products. New content is added as it becomes available, so check back on a regular basis.

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