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The SAP Software Solution PartnerEdge program provides an innovative partner framework that includes a robust set of program benefits, services, and resources focused on accelerating the business of our partners. An independent software vendor or developer organization focused on complementary software solutions based on SAP technologies can apply to join SAP PartnerEdge as an SAP software solution partner. This is an ideal partner program for the current BusinessObjects (BoBJ) Technology partners too. The SAP PartnerEdge program includes remarkable joint business opportunities and additional marketing and sales programs for our partners and partner prospects.

As a software solution partner, one can receive valuable rewards and benefits through the SAP PartnerEdge program. These partner offerings provide partners with the best tools and means to help deliver cutting-edge software solutions to customers. The annual program fee is 3,400 Euros charged on a quarterly pro-rated basis. With successful entry to SAP PartnerEdge for software solution partners, you will have access to existing partner enablement resources and support services:

  • A dedicated point of contact within SAP called "Partner Services Advisor (PSA)" for enablement around all the following topics including technical
  • SAP Partner logo
  • Listing of PartnerEdge partner certified complementary product on SAP EcoHub (a trusted online marketplace for 82,000+ SAP customers offering software from independent software vendors and solution partners that complements and extends SAP's applications;
  • SAP virtual agency or partner led demand generation
  • Google search and association capabilities
  • Communications toolkit
  • Partner playbooks
  • Marketing content blocks, images
  • Marketing enablement
  • SAP partnership reference letter
  • Customer evidence stories
  • SAP sales fact book
  • SAP financing
  • Career options,
  • Demo tools and partner sales kit
  • Product briefings and ramp up opportunities
  • Test and demo and development licenses (additional fees apply)
  • PR/AR guidelines
  • Exhibition opportunities at SAP events
  • Enterprise services community access,
  • 50% discount of re-certification (ABAP Add-on re-certifications, and re-certification of the network scenarios, ESOA-AW-PO, ESOA-AW-SEC, ESOA-AW-RA, do not qualify for a discount*)* 

After applying, you may join SAP PartnerEdge for software solution partners as a provisional member while preparing to attain an integration certification. The certification scenario that are available currently for our BoBJ partners are as follows:
•               XI/BOE SDK-based Add-on
•               Xcelsius Add-on...etc.
As a provisional member, one has to
•              sign the software solution partner agreement

•              pay the annual program fee

•              complete the training on membership

•              complete the company profile in the SAP partner portal

•              provide us with 2 customer references annually

Then there are nine months to prepare technically and organizationally for the integration certification, while taking advantage of the pre-certification support available under the program.

For further information, please have a look at

Please use our online application form on to apply for the partner program.

If you have any questions on the program or how to join, please feel free to contact me at +911244357333 or write to me at

We look forward to partnering with you!


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  1. Unknown User (av01skl)

    Hi Manjusha,

    This is a very useful blog that you have written. This will be of great help to ISV's who are planning to join the Software Partner program of SAP



  2. Unknown User (ux58sto)

    Hi Manjusha,

    That sounds great ! Its a good opportunity to become SAP Partner through this program. Benefits are impressive. Most of the partners are already in and enjoying benefits.

     This program SAP Software Solution Partner at SAP can help anyone to develop a product with SAP, certify it and become the SAP Partner.

     SAP Partneredge program is a gateway to SAP for any company round the globe.

    Wow... Thanks SAP !!!!!!!