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The SAP Passport technology is used to generate E2E traces for all SAP products.  In the BI Platform, it can be used for generating E2E traces with standard BOE tracelog files (GLF) and it can also be used with CA APM Introscope (aka Wily Introscope) to create a Transaction Trace.  The Introscope Transaction Trace differs from a regular BI Platform E2E trace in that it is optimized and designed specifically for measuring end to end application performance.  Whereas, the tracelog based E2E trace is more useful for tracing application errors and following the application code that is being executed by the various components in the BI landscape.

In order to use Introscope Transaction Trace with SAP BI Platform, you need some way of decoding the SAP Passport generated by the SAP Client Plug-in so that it can be used to query Introscope.  Normally, SAP Solution Manager is responsible for this task however, in cases where SAP Solution Manager is not available, you can now use the SAP BI Platform Support Tool.

For detailed instructions on using Introscope Transaction Trace with BI Platform, refer to this tutorial:  

Using Introscope Transaction Trace with SAP BI Platform 4.x

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