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The following checklist shows the prerequisite skills, system rights, and tools you'll need to successfully deploy this pattern. Details on each prerequisite are explained here.

Pattern prerequisite checklist


Intermediate knowledge of the Windows operating system  and the third-party software components used.


Install package downloaded and available.


Required License Keys.


Ensured OS compatibility with all software.


Operating System Update Utility preconfigured.


UPDATED - Configure Linux User for optimal virtual memory usage (tick) 

Network access and Internet/Proxy configured.


Root/Admin access on machines or System Administrator rights granted.


Database access granted to System (CMS/Auditing) and Reporting databases.



Intermediate knowledge of operating system (Windows) and third-party software components used

You must be able to use Windows at an intermediate skill level, and be familiar with third-party tools such as Apache, Tomcat, and Samba.

Install package downloaded and available

Make sure the software installation package is downloaded, copied, and available in the planned directory.

Required License Keys

You'll need to have the valid license keys available for use throughout this deployment. The license keys shown in this pattern are examples only and will not work in the deployment. 

Ensured OS compatibility with all software

If you are using versions of software that are different from the ones indicated in this pattern, check the documentation for each component to ensure it will be compatible. This pattern has been tested for compatibility only with the specific versions of software listed. 

For a complete list of supported components, version, and compatibility, review the latest Product Availability Matrix .

UPDATED - Configure Linux User for optimal virtual memory usage

Some versions of the Linux operating system utlize some new memory allocator functionality.  For some applications, this will result in very high virtual memory allocations on multicore servers which can cause issues with the Web Intelligence Processing Servers.  The more cores your Linux server has, the higher the virual memory usage will be.  For more details on this, please refer to KBA - 1968075 and follow the steps outlined within to help address this issue.

Operating System Update option enabled

All machines used in this deployment must be preconfigured to automatically install regular operating system updates.

Network access and Internet/Proxy configured

Machines must be networked and have Web access. This is required for certain workflows.  

Admin access on machines or System Administrator available

You'll need administrator access to the servers used in this deployment.

Database access is in place for system (CMS and auditing) and reporting databases

Access to the specified databases (system (CMS) database, auditing database, and reporting databases), with sufficient user permissions, is essential. Make sure the required database access is in place before deploying SAP Business Intelligence. It is also recommended that the CMS database and auditing database be kept separate from the databases used to store reporting data (reporting databases). For more information, see Database Overview.

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