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In order to trace calls executed on BW system from SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x you should first enable SAP Passport support on the BW system that is the target datasource.  

Complete the following steps to enable SAP Passport support.

  1. Logon the target BW system
  2. Execute transaction RZ11
  3. Under Profile Parameter Maintenance enter the parameter rstr/accept_remote_trace and press Display
  4. Click the button Change Value then change the New Value to TRUE

  5. Save the changes
  6. Execute transaction ST12 to start the Single transaction analysis tool
  7. Under the Comment field give the trace a name such as my BICS e2e trace, under UserName enter the user which the Universe/BICS connection is configured to use

  8. Click the Start trace button prior to executing your BOE workflow
  9. Once you have complete your BOE workflow, click Stop trace and your SAP Passport transactions will be recorded in BW
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