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XI 3.1

BI 4


Promotion to LCMBIAR file to an ftp location

Yes, from SP2



Change source of a Promotion Job


Yes *

* by creating a new job based off another OR
when the job has been upgraded from XI3.1, via the Upgrade Management Tool, and the source system is an XI3.1 system, then the system will prompt for a new source system. See comments below (A)

Create a new job based off an existing or a BIAR file




Create a new job based off an existing BIAR file held at an FTP location


Yes, from BI4.0 FP3 (1)

  1. When using SAP CTS+ integration: the LCMBAIR file must not be encrypted with a password

Notification (email) on success, partial success, failure of a promotion job


Yes, from BI4.0 FP3 *

* available for 'scheduled' jobs only.

Schedule a Promotion Job


Yes (1)

  1. When using SAP CTS+ integration:If a request remains open after a job had

    been attached, the same request might contain different promotions of the same job. All of the jobs will be imported in the same order as they had been attached to the transport request

Schedule a Promotion Job to an LCMBIAR file


Yes (1), from BI4.0 FP3

  1. Not possible when using SAP CTS+ integration

Event based scheduling




LCMBIAR command line

Yes, from XI3.1 SP4

Yes (1)

  1. Not supported with SAP CTS+

Integration with SAP CTS+




SSL support for SAP CTS+ intergrationn/aYes, from BI4.1 SP2 

Deletion of an object (folder/user/group/object etc)

No *

No *

* workaround to move the content into a 'deleted' folder that no one has access to, then promote the move

Automatic adding of objects to job when the parent folder is an object within the job

Yes, from XI3.1 SP3



Test Promote identifies connections as active/not active


Yes, from BI4.0 FP3 (1)

  1. Test promote is not supported with SAP CTS+

Promote top level folder rights




Promoting security allows split between promoting security on 'objects' and promoting security on 'users/groups'




Save the FTP settings within the job without having to schedule or promote the job.


Yes, from SP8


Location where Connection Overrides are heldWithin the Promotion Job itself

Prior to BI4.1 SP3: Within file-based 'Derby'' database.
From BI4.1 SP3 onwards: Within the CMS database

Selective retrieval of objects of 'Primary Objects' from an LCMBIAR fileNoYes, from BI4.2
Selective retrieval of objects of 'Dependent Objects' from an LCMBIAR fileNoYes (1)
  1. De-select 'Dependent objects' in the 'Manage Dependencies' page.
LCMCLI selection of users and user groups to: 'all' (default) or 'only third party users/groups will be included' or 'only third party users/groups will NOT be included'NoYes, from BI 4.2 SP4  

(A) In general it is not best practice to promote content from Dev to Test (then to change the source of a job from Dev to Test) so to then promote from 'Test' to 'Prod'. Instead promote from Dev to Test, then Dev to Production. As part of this workflow promote content into 'Version Management' (check-in and then check-out the job) or via an LCMBIAR file (export, then import), before promoting to both Test and Production. This will then ensure the same content is promoted to both Test and Production.

LCMCLI=LifeCycle Mananger Command Line Interface

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  1. Anonymous

    Re: "Notification (email) on success, partial success, failure of a promotion job", BI4: Yes, from BI4.0 FP3

    I believe that is incorrect. That feature is not mentioned in the documentation nor can I find it in the CMC.

    1. Hello Sean,

      The feature is accessible by CMC-Promotion Management-(select the Promotion Job object)-Promote-Schedule-Notification.

      I think perhaps its not clear this feature is only applicable for 'scheduled jobs' rather than job run interactively (when the success or failure is shown on the screen)?

      I've updated the wiki to make this clearer. Thanks for pointing this out.

      Regards Matthew

      1. Anonymous

        That certainly does help. I can see the notification option there.


      2. Hi Matt,

        I've a weird issue with Email Notifications when I schedule a Promotion Job vs Webi Report. I get the email notifications when I schedule a Webi report but not when I schedule a Promotion Job (I set the schedule to send email regardless of the result (success/failure).

         FYI: I've that Promotion Job defined to take BIAR File backup of specific content of our BO Prod Env. Also, the job runs fine and creates the BIAR File in the specified location C:\Temp, its just that the I don't get email notifications.

         We are using BO 4.1 SP5. Any help is appreciated.

        Mahboob Mohammed 

        1. Hello Mahboob, Can I suggest you create an SCN discussion in the BI Platform for this? many thanks, Matthew

  2. Matthew,

       Would you have reference to SAP Note &/or SAP Technical document that clearly states that the LifeCycle Manager Servers Limitation has been fixed post BI 4.1 w/SP03.




    1. Hello Ajay,

      I believe you are referring to the Promotion Management limitation of the 'Overrides' database that is held in the file based Derby Database prior to BI 4.1 Support Pack 3, which means you could only run one instance of the Promotion Management Service and when you used Connection Overrides. From BI 4.1 SP3 the overrides are stored in the CMS database and so this limitation is removed. The 'What's new in BI4.1 guide' mentions this in the section for BI 4.1 SP3. The link to the document is  Hope this helps you and others. Regards, Matthew (@MattShaw_on_BI)

      1. Matthew,

            I have the What new for BI 4.1 w/ SP3 ( ). The information provided is NOT enough for our Government client.  They want a SAP Note or something with more details in regards to the LCM Server Limitation being fixed. 



        1. Hello Ajay,  Well there's the guide you mentioned, this wiki, and I've updated the following KBA's: 1801682, 1885521 and 1722943. If these are not enough, best to contact your SAP representative. Sorry I can't communicate directly with you as I have no contact details for you. Generally speaking the comments to a wiki should be about the wiki, not really for this type of case. Regards Matthew

  3. Thanks Matthew,

       This is exactly what senior management wanted.


  4. Former Member

    Hello Matthew,

    We are fighting to promote with an LCMBIAR the top level folder rights. But there is no way to see if the rights are included in LCMBIAR file (the All Files folder cannot be added to the list to export and the flag Promote object security, promotes the security of the included objects). 

    We are working on an SAP BI 4.1 SP5 platform.

    Any suggestion is very welcome.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Well, if I recall correctly, the Top level folder rights are always promoted, but you will need to select the "promote with security" option and you will also need to select "promote user security" (The "promote user security" is needed to promote rights on users/groups). 

      Once you have created your .BIAR file, you can see what's inside of it by renaming it to a .zip. Then unzip it, and you'll then find many files held within it. I think its the 5th file that is of most interest. Keep opening .biar's as .zip and eventually you'll get to an 'xml' file which can be read to understand what the promote job really contains.

      Hope this helps, Regards, Matthew