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The Publications Analyzer allows an administrator to explore the publications in their CMS system and get various metrics and detailed information about the publication objects and instances.

Running the Publications Analyzer

  1. Click on Landscape Tools → Publications Analyzer

  2. In the tree view, you will find the publication objects that exist in the CMS system.  Select a publication object to analyze.  Details about the publication object appear in the right pane.

  3. Click View Chart to view metrics on the instances of this publication object.  Select a radio button to choose a different metric to display in the chart.  Click Back to return to the tree view.

  4. Click on a publication instance to understand information about that instance and the reports that were bursted

  5. Click View Chart to view metrics on the bursted reports of this publication instance.   Click Back to return to the tree view.

  6. Click on ScopeBatch to view the scope batch details

  7. Click on Publication Admin log to view the admin log information.  Click Export as Text to download the admin log.

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