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Product versions: BOE XI 3.1

This article is finished. However, we may update it with on going information.
This BOpedia page is provided by the RIG team. Don't hesitate to put comments.
With the help of Stephane T, Romaric S



Is it supported to installed a 32 bits application on a 64 bits OS?
The answer is yes. You can installed BOE XI3.1 (32 bits) on a 64 bits windows server.

Is it supported to installed a 64 bits appserver (Tomcat or IIS) running with BOEXI3.1 32 bits on a 64 bits OS?
The answer is yes. You can have your BOE XI3.1 (32 bits) with your Tomcat (64 bits) or IIS (64 bits) running on a 64 bits windows server.

Overview of the issue

  • You have a windows 64 bits computer.  
  • You want to install XI3.1 (32 bits - 64 bits doesn't exit) on this computer.
  • However you want to have tomcat 64 bits running on your 64 bits computer in order to be able to increase the memory size.

Install BOE XI3.1 with the default tomcat/Java (in 32 bits) on your 64 bits computer.

  • Run a default installation of your BOE XI3.1 with the default 32 bits Tomcat/Java .
  • In this case the JDK/JRE used by Tomcat will be in "<Install Dir>\javasdk\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll".

Download and install a JDK 1.5  (64 bits)

Download the X64 tomcat.exe 

  • You will change only one file in your Tomcat configuration .
  1. Download the 64 bits tomcat5.exe (64 bits version).
  2. Download a Tomcat release (, unzip the tomcat release, you will find the (64 bits) tomcat.exe version into the folder : "<Install Dir>apache-tomcat\bin\procrun\amd64 or ia64".

* amd64 = is for any AMD/Intel NON Itanium CPUs.
* ia64 = is just for Intel Itanium CPUs.

Configure your X64 tomcat

  1. Your 32 bits tomcat is running (as you installe dit with BOE Xi3.1). 
  2. Launch the tomcat configuration : (Start\All Programs\Tomcat\Tomcat Configuration).
  3. Go to the Java tab and put the new path (the 64 bits path) for the Java Virtual Machine (i.e = d:\JAVA\jdk1.5.0.22_X64\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll).

  4. Click apply, then ok.
  5. Stop your tomcat.
  6. Rename the tomcat5.exe that we provided with BOE to tomcat5.exe.32bits.
  7. Copy in the same path the new downloaded (64 bits) "tomcat5.exe".
  8. Start your tomcat (64 bits ) you are now in 64 bits. So by default you don't see the "*32" in the name of your process in the task manager.

  9. Now you can apply a larger value for Initial memory pool and Maximum memory pool (i.e : 4096 MB).

Log into BOE XI3.1

  • You can now log into the BOE InfoView and CmcApp. You don't need to redeploy your webapps.
  • You can also apply FP wihtout any problem.


  1. Unknown User (ixfwj62)

    Great article!

    Testing now...

    I downloaded the 64-bit Tomcat from:



  2. Unknown User (hwpc7x6)

    Really Cool ,

    And It Will be Very Useful in explaining the Limitation and also advantages in Using the 32 and 64 Bit.

    Thanks For Providing the Information.


  3. Unknown User (pbkpyxe)

    Interesting article...

     But why used a tomcat 5.5 64bits, that is not release by Apache software, it could have some stability issue ?

    the first 64bits version is tomcat6.

    Same for the SDK, I don't find the JDK/JRE on version 64bits (1.4, 1.5 or 1.6). I just find the client library on 64bits.

    can you please add more precision on the download URL ?

    I don't too the BO compatibilty on Tomcat6, is there any issue ? (for me no, it's just a "viewer")

  4. Unknown User (cwy4at7)

    Hi All,

    I couldn't find Tomcat5.exe 64 bit to install and test this one,not even with this link:

    I got one file tomcat.exe.amd64 but when i put it on the server and double click windows couldn't recognize it.

    As per my understading (after reading this article) we need 64 bit exe file and install it.

    Please advice how to proceed further.

    Thanks in Advance.