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SAP StreamWork Release Notes - Q2 2012

Release Date: July 20, 2012

New features for users

Activity administrators

SAP StreamWork activities now support the notion of activity administrators. These administrators have all of the power of the activity owner without actually being the owner. This allows for multiple people to manage details of an activity. This feature can be especially useful for executive admins to manage activities belonging to their manager or to allow for coverage while the owner is on vacation or otherwise unavailable. The activity administrators receive all of the same notifications that owners receive, allowing them to accept people into public activities.

Company network

On the SAP StreamWork homepage, users whose account is managed as part of an organization or company will now see the "Company Network" menu in the left navigation. The company network allows users to see all the updates, activities, templates, people, and content that are public to everyone in the company or organization. For example, you can browse the company feed to see updates from anyone in the company in real-time. This can be a good way to find interesting people and topics to follow within your organization.

The company network is an easy way to find all the company's public activities and activity templates. It is also a way to quickly access the directory of SAP StreamWork users in your company. In addition, the company network exposes a new feature that allows organization administrators to share simple content like files and text items with their entire organization to access and read outside of an activity.

"People to Follow" suggestion updates

The People to Follow widget has been updated to provide the reason behind why a user is being recommended. The widget has also been updated to be more focused on the timeliness of the recommendation based on things that have recently happened in SAP StreamWork, making it more likely the recommendations will change more frequently.

Full support threaded e-mail replies

SAP StreamWork sends users e-mails at various different times when users update comments or mention people in status updates. SAP StreamWork now fully supports replying to any of these e-mails to add a new threaded reply to the original comment. The design of the e-mails is now clearer to the end user that a reply to the e-mail will create a new threaded reply to the original post.

@Mention enhancements and quick activity invites

The @Mention feature has been updated to always show the entire list of users you have access to, including people you have worked with or follow, or who are in your organization, even if the @mention is included in a discussion or comment that appears in an SAP StreamWork activity where the list of people in the @mention autocomplete is not in the activity participant list.

For security reasons, users still need to be a participant or be invited to the activity before they can be mentioned inside an activity. Allowing the @mention autocomplete to work for non-participants of an activity provides a quick and easy way to invite those users to the activity. When @mentioning a user who is not currently invited to the activity, SAP StreamWork will offer to invite the mentioned user to complete the action.

Side-by-side document version comparison

Users can compare side-by-side any two versions of a text item or file by clicking on the "Version History" option. Each version can be previewed using the iPaper/scribD service inside the comparison window.

Table tool enhancement

Users can use the keyboard to quickly and easily navigate around the cells in a table (Tab, Alt+Tab, arrow keys) and leverage new context menus to quickly add or remove columns and rows. Users will find better-summarized and informative work history events in their Feed when content of a table is updated.

Removal of activity objective text item

When a user creates a new activity and enters text for the activity objective, the objective no longer appears as a locked and pinned text item in the activity. The activity objective can be accessed at any time by clicking on the "Activity Details" button.

References for timeline and collection items

Users can add one or more references to a specific event of a timeline item. For example, a manager may wish to create a timeline and plan for an event to interview someone on a specific date. The manager can add two references to the event, with one pointing to the candidate's resume and the other to the candidate's portfolio. Users can also create a reference that points to a collection object.

Enterprise account upgrade prompt

When a user's account has been upgraded to the enterprise edition by their administrator, they will have a choice on their next login to join the organization or temporarily postpone the decision and keep the current account status. This allows the user to remove any content from their activities that they do not wish to be managed by the organization. The user can always return to their SAP StreamWork inbox and subsequently accept the invitation to join.

Multiple e-mail addresses in the profile

Users can now add multiple e-mail addresses to their profile. One e-mail will always be the primary address but the secondary e-mail addresses can be added allowing the user to receive activity invites to multiple different e-mails. User can also use these e-mails to login to SAP StreamWork.

Resubmit files for virus scanning

When a file is uploaded to an activity, a virus scan is normally run before the file is available for downloading. Should this virus scan process take too long or become stuck, the user has the ability to resubmit it for processing.

Reset web password in Settings

Users can now trigger the Forget Password workflow directly from their Settings page. An email will be sent containing a link to reset their password. This feature is useful for enterprise/corporate users who normally log on to SAP StreamWork using their corporate credentials but would like a convenient way to reset their web password inside SAP StreamWork.

Improved user feedback when accessing activities, items, and tasks

  • When a new activity or item is created, the user is immediately taken to the new activity or item.
  • When a new task is created in an activity, a growl notification appears.
  • If a user receives an URL from a co-worker's e-mail, a blog post, or elsewhere and this URL represents an SAP StreamWork activity that the user currently has no access to, a friendly message is shown.

Customization of visualizations

A new customization panel has been added to the exploration tool. This allows end user to change the look and feel of their visualizations including aspects such as legend placement, colors and title information.

Visualization and exploration enhancements

Several small enhancements to visualizations have been made in this release. First, we have added the capability to compare multiple metrics without grouping by a dimension value. This is available as a switch on the comparison chart. Secondly, our pie charts have been enhanced to support multiple charts at once, allowing a user to compare multiple dimensions by a metric, for example.

Within activities, visualizations which are set to refresh automatically can now be manually refreshed. This manual refresh will capture a version allowing users to compare visualizations at multiple points in time with respect to their data. Annotation of data points is still restricted to bar charts only, but users will now be able to interact with the bar charts, annotate directly on top, and see any annotation on a bar chart.

New SAP StreamWork privacy statement

An updated privacy statement has been made available. Upon logging in, users are requested to review the updated policy and accept its terms before continuing to SAP StreamWork. The latest privacy statement is always accessible from the bottom navigation bar by clicking "Legal" and then "Privacy Policy."

New features for organization administrators

Disabling e-mail notifications

Organization administrators have the ability to enable or disable outgoing e-mail notifications from their organization's users based on their individual corporate policies. As an example, for privacy or security reasons, an administrator may not wish to have the follows, reminders, and invitation events of their organization's users sent via e-mail.

API enhancements

The following public APIs have been added:

  • Get versions of specific text item and file item
  • Get unread feed/invitation/task counts per activity
  • Get favorite activities
  • Support for threaded replies on item comments
  • Threaded discussion support on discussion Items
  • Hash tag feed search
  • Retrieve the feed as XML or HTML
  • Feed widget support to add activity specific status updates
  • Feed widget URL parameter to accept a status update
  • @Mention auto-complete search
  • Retrieve more "mark important" meta data of feed entries
  • API for External Entity ID filter for activities and inbox invites

Supported browsers and operating systems

The following browsers are officially supported by SAP StreamWork:

  • Internet Explorer 8.x on Windows
  • Internet Explorer 9.x on Windows
  • Firefox 5+ (all "rapid release versions" based on Firefox 5)

The majority of functionality should also work with other browsers and operating systems, although they are not officially tested or supported. If you notice any issues, please contact

Known Issues

Google Docs and Evernote integration

If you use Internet Explorer and have not been able to grant access to Google Docs or Evernote, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security and check "Enable Protected Mode."

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