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With the Report Application Server SDK there is the ability to create or change database connections.  The information to create these connections differ for each database type and connection type.  Through the SDK we accomodate these differences by using a generic property bag to hold these values.  This Wiki has been created to help document which fields need to be set for these different connections.  

Below is an example of what to expect in each of the database type pages (Oracle connection through the Microsoft ODBC driver):
The first column in the data represents the main properties of the connection.  The second column shows an example value.  The third column shows the datatype of the property.  In this example you will notice that the QE_LogonProperties does not quite follow this.  This is because it contains a property bag itself.  The inner property bag shows the correct three columns.

In order to help with the readability, I have broken this down to a link for each database type.

This is meant to be a growing document for databases.  I have created a sample application available here that you can run for other reports that will generate the html tables that you see in this wiki.  If you come across a database that is not listed here, please run the application and provide us with the html table in the comments tab so that we can add it here.

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  1. Unknown User (g2ozb9m)

    Great Information, but I have been having significant issues with trying to connect to Pervasive 11.0 via ODBC.  I would like to be able to do this without DSN which is possible to manually do in Crystal Reports 2008.  One of the issues is I am moving from Betrieve, OLE, & ODBC with Command Tables, Stored Procedures, and Direct Table access to ODBC.  In addition at run time is not a possibility for me so I am looking to modify the connection information and save to the .rpt file.  I am creating a library that would support runtime or batch processing.  I have tried the ConnectionInfo (RAS & CyrstalDecisions.Shared) and the TableLogOn methods that are published every where.  I am glad I finally found this as I have long suspected that it is the properties that are my #1 issue.  The reason I want to use ODBC is because in Crystal X which is the viewer version used by a 3rd party in a production application the OLE DB connection to Pervasive crashes if more than 1 stored procedure is used.  Any help would be appriciated!

    Thanks for the Information!