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When we need to upgrade to a new version of the product, the first question that comes to our mind is how I can achieve this without breaking the system.

Some of the Critical Questions that need to be answered are:

-          Identify what needs to be migrated

-          What are the precautions that I need to take before migrating

-          How much time will it require

-          What are the best practices to achieve this

-          Are there any check points to ensure that Upgrade will be successful

All these Questions add up to create a Migration Lifecycle Document but still if something breaks we have to reach out to Support to solve each of the issues faced.

How do we overcome these challenges?

We at SAP, provide you the required details, by sharing the relevant content based on the upgrade workflow and even better, the first hand experience of the Upgrade Management Tool without impacting your environment.

How to access the simulator?

Follow the link -

Click on Upgrade Workflow Simulator.



The link will redirect you to different page. On the new page, click on Start Practice.


Follow the instruction and continue the simulation.

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