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Product versions:
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3.1
Data Federator 3.0 SP1
SAP NetWeaver BI 7.01 SP3


When you use Data Federator BW Connector, you can create a relational universe. Data Federator provides a strategy, which allows the automatic creation of this universe. Characteristics and their attributes are automatically mapped to dimension and details, key figures are automatically mapped to measures properly classified in classes and sub-classes. In addition, unnecessary joins are deleted and aliases are created to avoid the loops. In this article you will find how to create this universe.

If you have followed all the articles for Implementing Data Federator 3.0 With SAP Netweaver BW Connector for Webi Reporting this it the last article in the series, when you have followed these steps you will be ready to create Web Intelligence reports.

  1. Launch Universe Designer, start the "Quick Design Wizard" and make sure "Click here to choose strategies" option is selected. Click Begin
  2. In the Define a new connection, specify a name for the connection and select Business Objects > Data Federator Server > JDBC Drivers. Click Next.
  3. In the Logon dialog, specify a data federator user and password, this could be sysadmin or the readerusr if you have created a reader user as decribed in
    Configuring Data Federator users for NW BW Deployments
    .Specify the hostname or ip adress of the machine where the Data Federator Query server is running and the catalog name (this is the catalog name you specified when deploying the project in Data Federator Designer, followed by "/sources"). For our example whe deployed the project as NW, then the catalog name to specify in this logon dialog is "NW/sources". Test the connection by clicking on Test Connection and then Click Next.
  4. In the configuration parameters dialog leave all the default values and click Finish.
  5. You are back to the Define Universe Parameters dialog. Specify a universe name, and select the DF connection you just created.Click Next.
  6. In the Choose Strategies dialog select Data Federator strategy for both object and join strategy.
  7. Select all the generated Classes and Objects then click on Add >> and then click Next.
  8. Click on "Finish" to generate a relational NW BI Universe automatically.
  9. Now you can create Web Intelligence reports with this relational universe.


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    Very nice explained, looking forward more article on BO.  Thanks!! 

  2. Nice article with screenshots.. It helped me a lot in my current work..