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Upgrade Overview and Concepts

Why Upgrading?

•Harmonized user experience across the suite
•Advanced analytical insight
•Brand new search capabilityUsability / Productivity
•Integrated platform monitoring
•Advanced auditing capabilities
•Supportability and root-cause analysis
•64 bits server architecture
Cost of Ownership
•Better integration with SAP BW
•New dimensional semantic layer
•Multi-source universes

Planning your Upgrade

Go Live
Typical Upgrade Timeline
Considerations before upgrading
Assessment --magnitude of project
Time and Deadlines
Resources (IT/HW)
Down time

Checklist -System Considerations

PlatformsPlatforms supported with BI 4 change

Architecture changes -servers are now 64 bits onlyVersion upgrade pathNewer systems have a direct upgrade path

Older systems may require extra stepsProduct ChangesSome features may be staged to a later BI 4 release

Some products are deprecated or replacedParameters and customizationNot automatically upgraded


Checklist -Content Considerations

Security upgradeShould you carry over the existing users and associated security ? Should you take the opportunity to do some redesign ?Content inventory and cleanupShould you upgrade the all content or take the opportunity for some cleanup?Full system vs Staged upgradeUpgrade the entire system

Or upgrade one department / group at a timeAcceptance / ValidationShould you test the upgrade process?


BI4 Migration best practices  


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