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Why to read this page?

The purpose of this page is to provide component specific information to check in advance your issue. So you can examine that your issue matches to correct component. You can find information about what SAP Support needs to process your issue.

Furthermore you can find knowledge about current known issues. Please go through all points. So the message-process can process your issue on a more quickly & efficiently way.

Right component? 

On this component all issues which occur exclusively in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office are processed. Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office integrates Analysis with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

For more information about the product please check SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office page here.

Hot Notes                                                                                                                         



Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office Wiki Pages

On this page you can find the information separated on the following groups:

For Installation, Configuration, Security and Administration Information, information on how to install, configure, manage, maintain and optimize SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office is also included on the Admin guide.

For Information on how to use SAP BusinessObjects software to accomplish your business tasks you can check User guide.

Minimum information in message


Remember that the scope of the support is to solve problems caused by errors or bugs within the SAP standard programs. Since there is no evidence for such a problem you should discuss the reported problem with your internal consultants or contact SAP's remote consulting department for further assistance. On this case you can refer SAP note 83020 and 1054121 that contains additional information in this regard.

Once you have an issue you should open an OSS incident with minimum information to product support. The following template can be used to be copy/paste on the OSS message:

1. Execute the issue with the LOG on debug mode as described on SAP KBA 1909644.   
    Attach the LOG file on the OSS incident.   
    Attached: YES/NO

2. Describe us the technical name of the query or the workbook name.    
    Query name:    

3. Detail steps for reproducing the issue.   
    Step 1:
    Step 2:    
    Step ...

4. Attach a document/screenshot with the steps described on the item 4..   
    Attached: YES/NO

5. Describe the system information with installation number.    
    Installation Number:    

6. What is the Analysis for Office version?      
    Analysis for Office Version:

You can also go through the check list described on the KBA 1906657 before open the OSS incident.


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