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Welcome to the "SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Expert Advice" wiki page, where you'll get your BI questions answered by a subject matter expert in our community (and you'll get a few points for contributing your questions).

Think of it as your "Dear Abby," for advice on BI..."Dear aBI". (big grin)   

Please note: "Dear aBI" is an alternative to the SCN Discussion forums, but it does not replace the forums.

"Dear aBI" is for advice seekers who want to keep their identity private, and are looking for more personal and in-depth advice (ie. best-practices, how-to's, implementation alternatives, optimization strategies, etc.)

Here's how "Dear aBI" works:

  1. You submit your BI question here. (Please do not re-post discussion forum questions here. See Rules of Engagement below.)
  2. A BI subject matter expert from SAP BusinessObjects or the community will post their response via SCN Blogs. (Look for "Dear aBI" in blog titles.)
  3. Selected "Dear aBI" advice postings will be showcased in upcoming issues of the SAP BusinessObjects Community Newsletter. (Subscribe to the BOC Newsletter.)

Any questions about how this works? Please send me an email (

Rules of Engagement (for advice seekers):

Forming your question

Again, it should be pointed out that this does not replace our discussion Forums. If you have a specific questions (eg. compatibility, product feature, access, locating information, etc.) please post these questions in our discussion forums where dedicated moderators and other knowledgeable community members can help.

There aren't many rules. Only please do not duplicate your forum questions here. If you're looking for a second opinion in the forums, it's OK to ask for it there.

We're looking for your SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence questions around best-practices, how-tos, implementation alternatives, optimization strategies, for SAP or non-SAP, etc. See below for a sample question.

Asking your question

Provide as much information as you can about your current situation (ie. your industry, current platform, process and tools), your goal (what you want to do/know), and what challenges you currently face. Whether it is in the discussion forums or here, the more information you're willing to provide, the better able the experts will be to understand your question and to help answer it. I should also add that the better (ie. more info, complete, descriptive) your question, the greater the chance it will be answered.

And of course, SCN Guidelines do apply.

Expecting your answer

  1. Response: We can not guarantee you will receive a response. This is mainly dependent on matching the question up with the best Expert.
  2. Timing: This is another difference from the forums. Because the questions are more involved, please be patient and allow sufficient time for Experts to develop the responses.
  3. Location: All responses to questions submitted will be shared by our BI Experts via SCN's blogs. We will highlight selected Expert Advice in the BOC Newsletter. All answered questions can be found on this wiki (see links to response below).
  4. BI Experts: These are SAP employees from Support, Solutions Management, Center of Excellence, Technical Consultants, Developers, etc, as well as SAP Mentors, and BI experts from SAP Partners and customers. (see below to join the BI Experts panel)
  5. Anonymity: You will be asked for an alias. The BI Experts panel and the community members will not see your actual name unless you choose to reveal this.
Dear aBI Blog responses




Joining the BI Expert panel

Who we're looking for: 

Anyone in SAP's ecosystem who considers themselves an expert in business intelligence (especially experience with any or all of SAP BusinessObjects solutions and tools). Your willingness to share your BI wisdom and experience with the community is key! Note: Please be patient. We're only adding experts to the BI Panel if a gap in expertise exists, or if there are much more questions in an expertise area than our panelists can handle.

How to sign up:

  1. Please review the SCN Guidelines and FAQ.
  2. Please sign up here.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an invitation to view the questions in a SAP Streamwork activity room.
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