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SP 24 Download

What’s new in SP 24 release

  • Updated the all-in-one package to Eclipse 4.8
  • Oracle JDK 8
  • Oracle JDK 11
  • Open JDK 11
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes

Install SAP Crystal Reports© software, version for Eclipse in the following ways:

  • Already have Eclipse 3.4.1 or higher? Use the Eclipse Update Manager or do a manual installation
  • If you don’t have Eclipse, but would like to download it, use the All-In-One package
  • Don’t use Eclipse? You can download just the runtime libraries for use with other IDEs
  • Download an optional language pack to complete your install.

 THIS is a LINK to the download PAGE → Download Crystal Reports for Eclipse

NOTE: All reference material is on the download page

FYI - if you need a previous version of the EXE and Runtime packages go here:

Note: if it's not listed on that site please upgrade to the latest version.


Click here for licensing

Where to get support and post questions in our Public Community Site:

If you have any questions regarding this package please post your questions in the following Forums:

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse
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