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SP 22 Download

Install SAP Crystal Reports© software, version for Eclipse in the following ways:

  • Already have Eclipse 3.4.1 or higher? Use the Eclipse Update Manager or do a manual installation
  • If you don’t have Eclipse, but would like to download it, use the All-In-One package
  • Don’t use Eclipse? You can download just the runtime libraries for use with other IDEs
  • Download an optional language pack to complete your install.


Attached (Pdf) What’s new in the release

Display Parameter description in runtime is now supported with limitations: 

  • Dynamic multi-range parameters are supported
  • Static multi-range is currently not supported, see SAP note 2037542 for details and limitations. 

Browser Support:


  • Chrome 62
  • Firefox ESR 52.4

Application Server Support:

  • Apache Tomcat 9.0
  • JBoss10, now called WildFly 10
  • WebSphere Application Server 9.0
  • WebSphere Application Liberty


Click here for licensing

All Documentation:
All links to   Service Pack 22 is available from here: Developer Help Java Documentation and Release notes

Manual Installation

This package includes only the SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Eclipse software.
The following prerequisites are available for download from
  • Eclipse SDK 3.4.1 or higher
  • EMF version 2.4.1 runtime
  • EMF XDS version 2.4.1 runtime
  • GEF version 3.4.1
  • WTP version 3.0.3

SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Eclipse – Manual Installation package (56MB)

All-In-One Installation

This package includes the Eclipse 3.6 SDK combined with the SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Eclipse software.

Eclipse 4.4 with SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Eclipse (310 MB)

Runtime Libraries

Add the SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine to any Java application.

SAP Crystal Reports for Java runtime components – Java Reporting Component(JRC) (45.2 MB)

Language Packs

Optional add-ons if you need languages other than English:

Language Pack #1(33 MB) – German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Language Pack #2(13 MB) – Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Russian languages.

Where to get support and post questions

If you have any questions regarding this package please post your questions in the following Forums:

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse
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