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SP 24 Download

What’s new in SP 24 release

  • Updated the all-in-one package to Eclipse 4.8
  • Oracle JDK 8
  • Oracle JDK 11
  • Open JDK 11
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes

Install SAP Crystal Reports© software, version for Eclipse in the following ways:

  • Already have Eclipse 3.4.1 or higher? Use the Eclipse Update Manager or do a manual installation
  • If you don’t have Eclipse, but would like to download it, use the All-In-One package
  • Don’t use Eclipse? You can download just the runtime libraries for use with other IDEs
  • Download an optional language pack to complete your install.

 THIS is a LINK to the download PAGE → Download Crystal Reports for Eclipse

FYI - if you need a previous version of the EXE and Runtime packages just replace the SP number with the SP number you do want in the URL.


Click here for licensing

Where to get support and post questions in our Public Community Site:

If you have any questions regarding this package please post your questions in the following Forums:

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse
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