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The Schedule Analysis report queries for failed and successful scheduled instances and provides an overview of various issues in the scheduling environment. Understand why instances are failing, which reports are most problematic, and which instances are the largest in size.  Also, get an understanding of which scheduled objects are taking the most time to execute.  The information collected in this Analysis is based on what is currently in the CMS repository and not based on auditing data.  The following sections are included:

  • Top 10 Error Messages

  • Top 10 Web Intelligence Error Messages

  • Top 10 Crystal Reports Error Messages

  • Top 10 Failing Scheduled Objects

  • Top 10 Failing Webi Report Objects

  • Top 10 Failing Crystal Report Objects

  • Top 10 Largest Instance Sizes

  • Top 10 Longest Running Instances

Date Range Filter

The Date Range filter is set at report execution time and limits the query to only query for instances that are scheduled within that range.  This is useful if you want to determine if recent changes you have made have resolved an issue that is causing instances to fail.  If there is a Date Range filter set for a particular Landscape Analysis Report, it will appear at the top of the Schedule Analysis Report.

Accessing Instance Details

If there is a specific error or reported document you want to further research it is possible to get specifics on the documents or errors that made up this metric.  Mouse over the symbol to get more details about the reports associated with that error or the errors associated with that report.

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