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The Security Analyzer allows an administrator to understand what access a user or group has to a particular folder or object in the BI Platform.  In situations where you want to understand why one user has access but not another user, you can do a compare between two users or groups to see what are the specific differences in the explicit and inherited rights / advanced rights.

Using the Security Analyzer

  1. Click on Landscape Tools → Security Analyzer

  2. Click Start Analyzer and logon to the desired CMS system

  3. Browse to and click on the object or folder in which you'd like to analyze

  4. Click on Groups (to analyze group security) or Users (to analyze user security) and the Name list will be populated.  

  5. Select the desired user/group from the drop down list

  6. To compare rights with another user/group, check the Compare box and select another user/group from the drop down list

  7. The rights of the first user/group will have a white background, the rights of the second user/group will a blue background. NOTE: This will only show the difference between the two users/groups.

  8. To save the analysis results to Excel format, click Export Table.

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