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Semantic Layer Analysis

The Semantic Layer Analysis queries for all universes and connections, then provides several useful analysis to understand the various aspects of the SAP BusinessObjects Semantic Layer.  


Orphaned Reports

This Orphaned Reports tab shows information on Web Intelligence reports without a valid Universe associated. This information can be used to assess the number of documents that are not linked with a Universe or that has never been refreshed with a valid Universe.  If a universe was accidentally deleted, the reports that are affected will appear on this tab.


This Connections tab provides detailed information on connections added to the CMS repository.  For each connection, the Universes (UNV / UNX) which are based on these connections are displayed.  If changes are made to a connection, this tab provides the Universes that will be impacted by the change.


This Dependencies tab provides detailed UNV and UNX-DSL Universes information along with their dependent documents and types. This information can be used to assess the number of documents, impacted by changes to each Universe.  Each Universe is listed with their respective document counts, document location, and document type.  A description is provided for each object type.

As of version 2.1 Patch 4, core and linked universes will now also appear in the dependencies report.

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