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The purpose of this page is to provide the sizing and tuning information necessary for a multisource-enabled universes in your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2 platform deployment



The Multi-source universe depends on the Data Federation Service (DFS) in the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) to provide the capability of joining multiple data sources into a single universe. 

The DFS is the engine that is managed by the APS and the Data Federation Administration Tool (DFAT.)

It is important to optimize these components so that the data source server should do as much of the processing as possible and minimize network traffic.

Since the DFS retrieves data into java memory and then perform the operations the default settings should be checked and customized per environment needs.  Out of the box the Java allocated for these procedures can be quite low.

The default Java memory in APS is 1.5 GB

The DFS takes a minimum of 25% to 80% of that memory.  So a chunk of maximum memory is assigned from the APS and any time a query is cached in memory it can assign up to 80% of the available APS memory.

In primary support we recommend splitting out the Data Federation Service so that it is maintained on its own Adaptive Processing Server  and the minimum memory allocated should be 8 GB. (and can increased to 32gb per ADP.)

SIZING for Data Federation Service

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