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As explained by Thomas Jentsch in page "Unlock the CMS database with new data access driver for BI 4.2 SP3" , is now possible to create custom webi reports to explore CMS. So I'm building some documents on 4.2 SP4 Patch4 sandbox, with which I explore my systems. So….let’s start! Any contribution or correction will be only welcome!!!! 


These documents were created from an installation of Sap on a free virtual machine with Suse Linux12 FOR TEACHING PURPOSE ONLY. It is therefore suggested that biars be used only on test machines and beware of bringing them into production environments.


How to extract:

  1. Connections, Universes (UNV and UNX) and relationships between them : go to Document1
  2. Users List :  go to Document2
  3. Schedulings List (recurring and instances) :  go to Document3
  4. Publications and related schedulings (recurring and instances):  go to Document4
  5. Mapping of all universes (UNV and UNX) and linked webi documents : go to Document5

with explanation guides and biar files.                                                               

Objects release

All objects in biar has been created with a 4.2 SP4 Patch4 version. Import them on a same Sap Bo BI release, otherwise they could work bad!


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