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You are experiencing issues with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio running either on SAP HANA or as HANA OLAP (JDBC or INA/HTTP) connection via BIP.

Basic checks

  • Please check whether you have installed the newest Design Studio Release according to note 1760372.

  • Read the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Administrator Guide for SAP HANA (in case of HANA deployment).

Known issues


With Hana SP12 data access might become dramatically slower. A workaround - switch off permission check - for this known issue is documented here:

2427764 - Performance Improvements for BIMC-Views with authorization checks (SP12)



Trouble shooting

  • If you experience issues with HTTPS / SSL logon, please have a look at note 2154860.

  • If logon fails with a message like "Failed to retrieve SID...", this might be caused by the missing authentication type "Basic" for the server-side XS application. Design Studio requires Basic Authentication to be configured in the HANA XS Administration tool. See the attached screenshot "xsadmin.png" for details.

  • If you use Design Studio 1.5 and the new HTTP-based HANA connections, and you run into issues with missing privileges, please see note 2141541.

  • Timeout or slow variable validation or filter scenarios:
    to speed up you can create an external value help referring to a table / view ("Assign value help view" for attributes / "Value help" for variables) in your HANA Modeler.
    If you need to set variable parameters, use the same name and assign the variable mapping (look at note 2270353).

  • Timeouts in the Designer and the Design Studio runtime result in multiple INA close requests
    In Fiddler the "interrupted" requests, most of the time ResultSetRequest, are shown with status HTTP/1.1 504 Fiddler - Receive Failure
  • In case you are facing timeout after 60s with the Designer, please adapt these parameters in SapDesignStudio.ini (60000 is in ms = 60 s):

     The dump in the error log in case of a timeout looks like this:

    The Eclipse .log file (s. Support Information archive in Eclipse folder) contains the following entries: HTTP connection error: response code 0 is caused by an unreachable server. For example, a program that handles HTTP connections as a proxy is not running, but the client is configured to use this proxy.
    Caused by: Read timed out (local port 63723 to address, remote port 8888 to address
                at Method)



E2E End-to-end trace Hana INA

2737979 - How-to: Collecting an end to end trace with SAP Lumira and Hana INA data sources

JDBC traces

There are two ways to create JDBC traces, either between BIP and Hana or between the Design Studio client and Hana. I would recommend to measure on between BIP and Hana as the timing can differ a lot depending on your network setup.

BIP <=> Hana

Use the end-to-end (E2E) trace tool to add session stamps to the trace file lines so that we can easily filter on all traces relevant for a certain session. Here is a how-to:

 1861180 - Collecting an end to end trace in BI Platform 4.x - customer instructions and best practice [Video] 

Trace Issue

There is a known issue in the Design Studio / Lumira addon which has the effect that background processing activities are not included in the end-to-end trace,

As a workaround you have to enable the Design Studio / Lumira Server trace level to High in the APS or Lumira Server properties after switch on the end-to-end trace (and before reproducing.

Furthermore when analyzing with FlexilogReader be aware that the background processing traces do not have the passport (end-to-end token) so that they will not be shown when filtering to E2E steps.


Then start your Design Studio / Lumira application and reproduce the performance bottle neck. 

Now gather all log files according to the note.

Traces will look like this. They will contain a prefix "BICS HANA".

2017 10 20 15:04:18.849|...|BI-RA-AD|[BICS HANA](1031ms) Get the crosstab data (GET_CROSSTAB_DATA)
2017 10 20 15:04:18.870|...|BI-RA-AD|[BICS HANA](1031ms) SQL:SELECT "Bucket", "ProjectNumber", "ProjectName

With the help of the Flexible Log Reader you can open the trace files after copying the BusinessTransaction.xml into the same trace directory. Finally you can filter on each of the business transaction:


Designer <=> Hana

In case you are using a JDBC connection and you can reproduce your issue with the Design Studio client tool, then switch on a JDBC trace like this:

- Open the Tools / Preferences menu

- Choose Support Settings on the left. Then change the Log Level to Debugging Information.

(After the test please reset it again to avoid reduction of performance)

- Then reproduce the scenario. In the Error Log (View menu) you can now see some BICS Hana traces with SQL statements.

- Choose Help/Collect Support Information to gather the log files containing these traces and attach the ZIP to this ticket.

HTTP traces (INA protocol)

Howto create an HTTP trace with Design Studio is explained here: Design Studio - Support Page For Client

Support Ticket Information

If you still have issues with Design Studio and consider opening a support ticket, kindly attach the following information:

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem.

  • A copy / screenshot of the full error page, if available, or of the expanded details section of the Design Studio error message

  • Attach the collected support information as

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