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If you are not sure what your next troubleshooting step is, then 'Troubleshooting by Scenario' is ideal.

At SAP we understand you would prefer to resolve product issues on your own, rather than logging a support incident with SAP Product Support.
To help you resolve your own issues without our involvement, we have externalized our internal methodology for resolving product related issues.
We call this ‘Troubleshooting by Scenario’.

Troubleshooting by Scenario means you can follow exactly the same steps and methodology that a SAP support engineer or developer would follow to isolate the issue.

We provide a list of scenarios (shown below). Within each scenario we provide a list of hypotheses (something to test or high level symptoms).  For example, Problem related to security rights” or “Process does not have enough memory” or “Something when wrong during install” are all hypotheses

For each hypothesis we provide:

  • the purpose of the troubleshooting task.

  • the 'tool' name and details of the tool.

  • why the tools is suitable.

  • how to use the tool for that particular hypothesis.

  • next steps to continue with your troubleshooting.

This means you can isolate the issue and even find the root cause of the issue yourself, just the same way a SAP Support Engineer or developer would!









Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please take a few moments to complete a simple survey for the 'Promotion Management' Scenario

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