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This Wiki article has the purpose of guiding you through the process of setting up the SAP BusinessObjects Web Applications to use Core Prompting for Crystal Reports on SAP BW Datasources.


There are two different prompting types available in SAP BusinessObjects Software in conjunction with Crystal Reports on SAP datasources. Each of the prompting types may have advantages in different setups and you may want to use either of them throughout your reports. This Wiki article will describe what changes have to be made to achieve that.

Prompting Modes

The two available prompting types are

  • Core Prompting
  • SAP Prompting

While the Core Prompting refers to the usual prompting style in SAP BusinessObjects (as used for relational datasources such as Oracle, DB2 or SQLServer), the SAP Prompting will dynamically pull a picklist for your prompt from the SAP System. While this is generally the more attractive option to end-users, you still may want to use the Core Prompting to give only a certain amount of pre-defined values, reduce the load on the SAP Backend or to unify the appearance of your SAP BusinessObjects solution.

Setting the Prompting Style

To set the prompting style for Crystal Reports in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 you will have to edit a file in the directory where you deployed the web applications.

Note: This Wiki article will only cover the default Tomcat 6.0 application server that is pre-installed with the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 product.

To predefine the Core Prompting as the default prompting style for Crystal Reports on SAP data-sources, edit the following file:


Set the following two parameters to 'true' to activate Core Prompting for all SAP Crystal Reports: = true; = true;

After this change you will have to restart the Tomcat application server by either opening the Central Configuration Manager and select 'Restart' after highlighting the Tomcat application server (on Windows platform), or by executing the following command (Unix):

./ && ./

After this your prompts will show in the Core Prompting style.

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