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Product versions: BOE XI 3.1 and netweaver 7.x

This article is finished.
This BOpedia page is provided by the RIG team. Don't hesitate to put comments.
Main Contributors : Martha L, Stephane T, Anthony L, Erica L, David F G
With the help of Antonia R, Ferry L , Eliot G

Link to the main SP page Introduction, Chapter A and B : Integration of BOE XI3.1 into the SAP Enterprise Portal 7.x
Chapter C : Create BOEXI3.1 Integration Kit iView Template into SAP EP Portal
Chapter D : Create URL iview into the SAP EP portal
Chapter E : Integrate BOEXI3.1 into a KM Navigation into SAP EP portal
Chapter F : Creating Roles in SAP EP Portal and assigned them to Portal Users
Chapter G : Viewing BOEXi3.1 reports into SAP EP Portal
Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities : Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities
Webinar link and Q and A : Webinar and Q and A
Appendix : Chapter H, I, J, K, L, M : Appendix of the BOEXI3.1 Integration into the SAP EP


Chapter G )  Viewing your reports: workflow overview

1) Overview: Create Role and assign it to a portal user

We have already described how to create a Role (BusinessObjects_Role) and how to assign this Role to the user (SAP_BOE_User)

Without any Role

Once the Role is added.

2) Overview: assign content to a role

 With the Role created, we described how to assign content  (iView ) to the Role (BusinessObjects_Role).

A  Role without content

Once the content is added to the role.

3) Viewing a Crystal / WebIntelligence / Voyager / Xcelsius in a BusinessObjects Integration Kit iView template

As we are in SSO you won't be prompted when accessing your BusinessObjects Integration Kit Iview Template.

4) Viewing a Crystal / WebIntelligence / Voyager / Xcelsius in a Url iView

As we are in SSO you won't be prompted when accessing your Url Iviews.

5) Viewing your BOE system through the KM navigation

As we are in SSO you won't be prompted when accessing your KM Navigation.
The Root Folder corresponds to the Public Folders the ones you can see in the InfoView.

5.1) Create Document from the KM (from the Menu Folder)

You can create some WebIntelligence or Voyager documents within the SAP Portal. In this case, click on the "Menu Folder" and select new and the type of document you want to create. A new "browser" will appear and you will be able to create your report in this browser.

Desktop Intelligence Document

You cannot create Desktop Intelligence document directly into the portal.
You need to have the "Desktop Intelligence" installed on your desktop computer. So when clicking "new / Destkop Intelligence Document", you Desktop Intelligence will start on your desktop computer. If you have not Desktop Intelligence installed on your desktop computer, you will get an message : "do you want to save thsi file or find a program online to open it". This message means that you need to have your "Desktop Intelligence" installed on your desktop.

Crystal Document

You cannot create Crystal Document directly into the portal. But you can upload an existing Crystal Document.


5.2) View your reports by Category, or in My Infoview (Menu BusinessObjects)

You can switch from the "folder viewing" to " category viewing". Click the BusinessObjects menu contains and select "By category". You can also use the "My Infoview" dashboard, click the BusinessObjects menu contains and select "My Infoview" menu items. 


By folders

By category

5.3) How to have more BusinessObjects functionalities (Context menus)

On the left of each reports, you can select "the "Context menu"


Right click on this "Context menu, so you wil be able to have access to the following options :

BusinessObjects Client Actions : View, Schedule, History, View Lastest Instance (depending of the BusinessObjects report type)

KM Client Actions : Copy, Move, Delete, Add to Portal Favorites, send to ,Give Feedback......(depending of the KM services you enabled in your EP)

From the context menu, you can also select the "details" button

You will access another "menu" and more options.

If you select "Details and collaboration. You can "Give Feedback" to provide feedback for the report. You can also "Rate this document" to provide a ranking for the report. Finally you can "Write a review" to create a review for the report.

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  1. Unknown User (ewobbs2)

    thanks for wonderful and detailed blog, we have implemented the same at our client, however we have are facing some issues to meet the business team requirements.

    When we create a WebIntelligence report using the iview integration kit and preview it form the Portal.

    We are not able to see the History of the report and last instance option on the right click.

    When you access your reports via the infoview. After selecting the report, when you right click you get multiple options such as - view, last instance, history etc.

    Is there anyway we can single sign on to the infoview from portal opening a default folder with the web intelligence reports using a URL Iview. This way users can see the options when the right click on the report.

  2. Former Member


    The right click (client action) is only available through the KM : knowledge Management.

    Same thing : you can access directly to a specific folder only with the KM : I will update the wiki wiht this information. 

    Otherwise you can access to a specific report directly (no navigation) and view the last instance (only the last instance - not the history) with the URL iView.