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Page: Activating a Drill Down Page: Activating Data Tracking Page: Add Query to Retrieve New Data from a Universe Page: Advanced Query Topics Page: Changing a Table Page: Conditional Formatting Page: Copy and Paste Blocks to External Application Page: Creating a Chart Page: Creating a Cross Table with Templates Page: Creating a Form with Templates Page: Creating a Pie Chart Page: Creating a Variable for a Calculation Page: Creating Tables from Templates Page: Deleting a Row or Table Page: Display an Aggregate in a Sectioned Report Page: Edit the Local Query Page: Enhancing Report Presentation with Input Controls Page: Export Document as PDF Page: Format Options to Display the Data Clearly Page: Formatting a Cell Page: Formatting a Section Page: Formatting Breaks and Cross Tables Page: Formatting Data, Repeating Headers, Page Breaks Page: Formatting Multiple Fields Page: Hide Data Page: How to Build a Drillable Document Page: How to calculate data with formulas Page: How To Change the Document Settings to Activate the Automatic Merge Dimension Page: How to Create a Variable using Another Variable Page: How to Create a Variable with a Formula Page: How to Drill Down with Two Hierarchies Page: How to Drill into a Pie Chart Page: How to Edit a Variable Page: How to Edit the Scope of Analysis Page: How to Project Data from A Query into Multiple Blocks Page: How to Project the Data from Merged Dimension into a Single Block or Report Page: How to Schedule a Document Page: Inserting a Block into a Section Page: Inserting a Free-Standing Cell Page: Logging on to Web Intelligence Desktop Page: Modifying a Local Document Properties Page: Organizing a Report with Breaks Page: Organizing a Report with Calculations Page: Publish Documents to Enterprise BI Platform Page: Saving a Document Locally Page: Sending a Document to Another BI LaunchPad user Page: Set As Section Page: Sorting the Report Page: Troubleshooting Thread Issues with Web Intelligence Page: Turn a Report into a Cross Table Page: Turn a Table into a Form Page: Using a Query Filter Page: Viewing a Query Script Page: WebI trick - add dynamic images Page: WebI trick - drill among multiple reports Page: WebI trick - handle prompt without refresh