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The purpose of this page is to describe the various scenarios where the most commonly known errors is displayed in Web Intelligence aand provide with possible resolutions.


The Web Intelligence Java report Panel is triggered in order to render a Web Intelligence document. The main causes for this error are either the server may be down or the user session may be closed. Besides, this error can appear at different stages when handling a Web Intelligence document:


If this error appear when creating any Web Intelligence document , refer to SAP Note 1544019.

If you are using Webi rich Client (WRC) with Hungarian, Italian or Russian Language pack refer to SAP note 1480835

If you are querying on a Large universe  then refer to SAP Note 1541550

If you are using IIS  then refer to SAP Notes  1198775 and 1184821

If you are using  a proxy  refer to SAP Note 1198124  

If you are using JR 1.6.0_19 or above  refer  to SAP Note 1470968

Creation and Edition

If you are using IIS then refer to SAP Note 1461403

If you are using a proxy in IE7 then refer to SAP Note 1428678

If the query contains a prompt then refer to SAP Note 1648055

View / Display

If the error appears when viewing a Web Intelligence document please refer to SAP Note 1343371 


If the error appear for any Web Intelligence document  then refer to  SAP Note 1296934

If the Web Intelligence document uses @prompt  then refer to  SAP Note 1182562

If you are refreshing a large web Intelligence document or with large List of Values (LOV) then refer to SAP Note 1531039


If you are receiving the error when saving a Web Intelligence document  please refer to SAP Note 1399276

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