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The Web Application Server Analysis connects to each defined Java Application Server in the BI landscape via Java Management Extensions (JMX) MBeans.  Information included in this analysis includes details about the application server configuration, performance metrics, and details about the Java Virtual Machine where the SAP BusinessObjects web applications are deployed.  For more information about JMX and Apache Tomcat, refer to Monitoring and Managing Tomcat.

Currently the Web Application Server Analysis is only supporting Apache Tomcat. Support for other WAS platforms (NW Java, Weblogic, Websphere) is planned for a future version



The information in this analysis is categorized into the following accordions:

SummaryOverview of the most important aspects of the application server such as version, heap settings, operating system, and threads
Garbage CollectorsThis section shows information about the most recent garbage collection process and the GC methods used for this JVM
Java Virtual MachineThis section contains all the details about the JVM where this application server is running
Java OptionsJava options are the command line arguments used when starting this application server
Java System PropertiesJava System Properties are parameters which are used by the applications running on the application server
Operating System DetailsThis section provides details about the operating system from the perspective of the JVM
Classloading MetricsThis section provides metrics about the Java Classloader
HTTP Connector PropertiesThis section provides details about the Tomcat HTTP web connector (Apache Tomcat only)
Protocol Handler PropertiesProtocol Handler provides details about the Tomcat protocol handler configuration (Apache Tomcat only)
Deployed Web ApplicationsThis section provides details on the BI applications deployed on this WAS host along with all of the deployment descriptor settings, the build number, and any customizations that were made (for example via
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