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Product versions: BOE XI 3.1 and netweaver 7.x

This article is finished. We may update it with others Q and A.
This BOpedia page is provided by the RIG team. Don't hesitate to put comments.
Main Contributors : Martha L, Stephane T, Anthony L, Erica L, David F G
With the help of Antonia R, Ferry L , Eliot G

Link to the main SP page Introduction, Chapter A and B : Integration of BOE XI3.1 into the SAP Enterprise Portal 7.x
Chapter C : Create BOEXI3.1 Integration Kit iView Template into SAP EP Portal
Chapter D : Create URL iview into the SAP EP portal
Chapter E : Integrate BOEXI3.1 into a KM Navigation into SAP EP portal
Chapter F : Creating Roles in SAP EP Portal and assigned them to Portal Users
Chapter G : Viewing BOEXi3.1 reports into SAP EP Portal
Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities : Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities
Webinar and Q and A : Webinar and Q and A
Appendix : Chapter H, I, J, K, L, M : Appendix of the BOEXI3.1 Integration into the SAP EP


Webinar and PPT links :

KHNC website :

PPT presentation :

Webinar session recorded :

Questions and Answers :

Questions : How different is this PI from SAP IK?
Answers : SAP BusinessObjects Portal Integration is part of SAP BusinessObjects Integration of SAP Solution previous know as "SAP Integration KIT".

Questions : Will Xcelsius document Download function be supported within PI?
Answers : If your question is : are we able to upload  Xcelisisus documents from the Portal Integration, the answer is NO in Xi3.1. For the next release, please contact the Solution Manager.

Questions : Our customer has already problems to install and maintain a SAP Portal and a BOXI server.  does there exist a foolproof documentation on how to set up the integration and how to maintain, add, and delete reports?
Answers : Use the wiki or blog on SDN.

Questions : Why are you linking iView to object ID?  It will change as you migrate content to a new deployment.
Answers : You can link iView to ID or CUID. For transport is better to link your iView to CUID. CUID won't change. (see chapter D of the wiki)

Questions : Would performance vary between KM and InfoView?
Answers : Performance should be comparable.

Questions : If I was starting out with a large SAP and BOE deployment would I select iViews compared to KM?
Answers :Again, depends on the use case - For tighter integration you might use KM with EP. For rendering a specific WebI document  (without user needing to first navigate to document via KM SBO repository manager or Infoview) embedded within an iView, you would use IView template.

Questions : We are going to implement WebI reports based on BW queries.  Is this recommended way to provide access to WebI or in which case do you recommend InfoView?
Answers : Again, depends on the use case - (same answer than above)

Questions : You can also use a URL IView to expose all of InfoView from inside EP.
Answers : Yes but this is not supported (see chapter D of the wiki)

Questions : I'm sure there are numerous ways to expose BOE content to the SAP portal.  for one of our largest customer deployments I'm looking for our stated direction with regards to iView or KM.
Answers : It depends of your needs, please have look to the page "Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities" inthe wiki

Questions : I was wondering if any of your folks over there have managed to get bobj iviews to work in the Federated Portal?
Answers : Yes we have customers who used "federated Portal" and iViews. 

Questions : Could you please show us how to use Portal to pass filter values (parameters) among BOBJ contents
Answers : Need to be updated.---------------

Questions : Can you elaborate on setup between Producer Portal and Federated portal
Answers : Check the official SAP NetWeaver Portal documentation, we won't explain it in this wiki or SAP Business Objects Documentation

Questions : Can you show how you created the system connection from Portal to BOE?
Answers : Please have look to the wiki :  Chapter E, section 4

Questions : Can you restrict the viewing of folders if did the KM integration option?
Answers : Yes with Business Objects security (in the CMC). In the KM you can only define the starting point of your folders.

Questions : can portal and BOE be deployed on the same AS Java? what are the plans?
Answers : It is supported , but we won't do any recommandation.

Questions : is BOE repository duplicated in Portal KM
Answers : No, the BusinessObjects is NOT duplicated in the KM.

 Questions : From which SP Version portal and BOE are integrated?
Answers : Please have look to the  BusinessObjects Product Availability Report (PAR) - -> Help and Support -> SAP BusinessObjects Support -> Supported platform documents

Questions : is the km iview version depending on the XI Sp Level?
Answers : Yes Please have look to the  BusinessObjects Product Availability Report (PAR).

Questions : What's the right place to configure security for reports? Portal KM or BO repository?
Answers : The security need to be managed in the BusinessObjects repository (CMC) 

Questions : When we do all security in BOE repository, will that be reflected in portal KM? Ex. if some user has not been granted access to a folder in BOE repository, I assume that when he accesses the BOE reports through portal, those folders will not be visible to him?
Answers :  Yes

Questions : Is it possible to have a consolidated and simple governance system (example - GRC) to maintain 3-level security - BOE, Portal and BW? Right now security needs to be configured in all the 3 different places?
Answers :  No in Xi3.1. For the next release, please contact the Solution Manager.

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  1. Unknown User (a4uvq32)

    Can i maintain permissions on both BOE repository and KM repository? Or If i give permissions on BOE , it will reflect in KM too. Can i change this permissions in KM for that particular user when i already given permissions in BOE?