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In this wiki I'd like to clarify the confusion regarding the different versions of Crystal Reports and what version of Visual Studio .NET they work with.

As with most of my other wikis, I use a simple matrix that describes all the possible scenarios. Please note that the matrix only goes back to Crystal Reports version 9.1. Personally, I would not even try versions earlier than 9.1. Not to mention that earlier versions of Crystal Reports are not supported in any version of .NET... However if you have success, please do post your findings in our forums.


CR Product Name

Assembly Version

Install Configuration

VS .NET Supported Version

Distribution / Runtime

CR 9.1 for .NET 2002


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\1.0\Bin 


Managed.MSM, RegWiz.msm, Database_Access.msm, Database_Access_ENU.msm

CR 9.1 for .NET 2003


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\1.0\Bin 


Crystal_Database_Access2003.msm  Crystal_Database_Access2003_enu.msm Crystal_Manged2003.MSM Crystal_Regwiz2003.msm

CR 9.2.x


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\Bin

2002, 2003

CRNETRuntime.MSM Mapping.MSM ReportEngine.MSM License.MSM

CR 10.0.0.x


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.5\Bin

2002, 2003

Crystal10.NET.WebServiceReporting.msm, Crystal10.NET.EmbeddedReporting.msm, Crystal10.NET.RemoteReporting.msm

CR 10.2 for .NET 2005


C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\2.7\Bin


CRRedist2005_IA64.msi (64 bit Itanium), CRRedist2005_X64.msi (64 bit Intel), CRRedist2005_x86.msi (BootStrapper), CRRedist2005_x86.msm, CRRedist2005_x86.msi

CR 10.5 for .NET 2008


C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\2.8\bin


CRRedist2008_ia64.msi (64 bit Itanium), CRRedist2008_x64.msi (64 bit Intel), CRRedist2008_x86.msi (BootStrapper)

CR 11.0.0.x


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\3.0\Bin

2002, 2003

Crystal11_Net_EmbeddedReporting.msm, CrystalReports11_NET_EmbeddedInstall.msi

CR 11.5.0.x

11.5.3300.0   (11.5.3700.0)*

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\bin


CrystalReports11_5_NET.msm, CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msm, CrystalReports11_5_maps.msm, CrystalReports11_5_NET.msi, CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msi, CrystalRedist115_X86.msi

CR 12.0.0.x

12.0.1100.0 (12.0.2000.0)*

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86

2002, 2003, 2005, 2008

CRRuntime_12_0.msm, CRRuntime_12_0_mlb.exe, CRRuntime_12_0._mlb.msi



C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\Common\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86

2010 → 2015

See this Download WIKI fro more info on which Service Pack supports which version of Visual Studio:

* Indicates version of assemblies for framework 2.0 and 3.5

For more information including latest download links for Merge Module files, see the "Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET Runtime Distribution - Versions 9.1 to 12.0" wiki here:

Another useful wiki maybe  "What versions of Crystal Reports are supported on Windows Vista in VS .NET?" available at this link:

For more help, don't forget to search the SAP notes:


and downloads:

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  1. It would also be great to have a matrix like this for "Which Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, Business Objects Enterprise SDK versions are supported in which versions of Visual Studio .NET"