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The Partner API from SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand allows partner's developers to insert (CRDC) functions into their applications. Using a set of web service calls to CRDC developers can upload new files, download existing files, or view documents in CRDC. These calls mean you can distribute files and reports which provide intelligence for sales quoting, sales tracking, support tracking and many other applications.

 For more information please read the whitepaper " Web Services Partner API" located here

A working sample application of the API can be downloaded from here and a code sample of the application can be downloaded from here.

To run the sample application you will need the following steps:

1.  Service Context:
2.  Enter uid/pwd and click Login.
3.  Upon successful login you will be presented with all of the accounts that you have access to.  Click OK.
4.  The Object ID text box will then be populated with the root folder of your account.  Click on Get Object.
5.  You will be presented with a tree view of the objects in your account.  Right click to perform an action.

For questions or help regarding the Partner API please see the OnDemand forums page.

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