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Motivation is to enable the SAC Geo Widget that uses Geo features via BW Live connectivity. In SAC each layer of the GEO map has a DataSource that is an SAC Model which is linked to a BW Query.

In order to achieve it, it is required to provide the possibility to upload and maintain geographical data. So customer can upload Geo data and custom Shapes as well. BW needs to handle a request for Geo data as an attribute with two additional parameters (Spatial Reference ID(SRID), TextTransformation). It is possible also to cluster the GEO locations, as well as to handle filters. Intersection filters when customer draw a polygon circle, so on. Within Distance which means that for example show all GEO locations within 10km.

It is possible to provision of SAP-provided Shapes and hierarchy information for Choropleth Layer. It provides a connection between the layers like Country,County,City as an example. Same stands for custom made shape hierarchies, when customer can upload their own shapes and define the connection in between.

By using SAC Geo Map, the representation of the Geo data points can be achieved by using different layers:

Bubble Layer: It shows all the Geographic locations of all Dimension members for one Dimension. One can select one of the Geo relevant Dimension from the underlying Query. One can also add the Measure structure selection for coloration. Some customers might be overwhelmed by the amount of Data Points so there is a so called location clustering feature. By activating clustering the bubbles are unified into fewer bubbles also called clusters. In this way customers can see how the data points are generally located. By zooming in the data points are reevaluated to more data points again, based on the "Maximum Display Points settings" (Frontend calculates it, so once it would be less then the 'Maximum Display Points settings', then not the clusters, but data points are shown again). One can also filter on a certain area (circle, rectangle and so on, but the shape does not matter from the BW point of view). Exclude filter is also possible.

Choropleth / Drill Layer: In this case instead of the single dimension members, a pre-defined set of filters are shown. The coloration is done based on the Measure structure selection and the data is the aggregated data to all dimension members from a certain region. If we interested in a certain region we can drill down, or drill up. For example if you drill down to Germany, you will see the Bundesländer (Counties), where we have booked data. The regions are provided by SAP, customer can implement this directly to the their HANA and they act as a navigation attribute.

Heat map layer: From the backend point of view it is the very same as the Bubble Layer, same request/response. It is a different frontend representation of the Geo Data.

Flow Layer: Shows relationship between geographic locations

Layers that are not relevant from the BW points of view:

Point of Interest Layer: Show geographical Data uploaded to SAC.

Feature Layer: Show geographical Data from a Web Source.

BW Architecture, Geo Features handled by different layers in Certain Releases

  • Analytic Manager oblivious of Geo Features

  • Primary Persistence: Attributes 0longitude and 0latitude of Characteristic and Shapefiles on BDS
    • Maintained by User
  • Secondary Persistence: Shadow Table on Hana DB with Hana Spatial Type
    • Derived from Prim. Persistence / Used during Runtime for TextTransformations and geographic Calculations (like Filter)
  • Geo Data requestable as BW-Attribute

Step 1 and Step 8: Frontend Request/Response from/to SAC. Check wiki page Simple INA Requests and Responses (SAC - BW Interaction)

Step 2 and Step 3: Geographic Filter as “Pre-Query” on Master Data. Check wiki Geographic Filtering and Replacement Filter

Step 4 and Step 5: Query Execution with derived In-List from Pre-Query. Check OLAP Core wiki pages - Main Processing Layers

Step 6 and Step 7: Geo Attributes are read. Check wiki Reading Geographic Attributes





MD Serv.




Transformation & Persistence

750 SP16 (no custom shapes)

BW4 2.0 (cust. shapes: FP4)

Geodata as Attribute

750 SP16 (no custom shapes)

BW4 2.0 (cust. shapes: FP4)

Geo Clustering

750 SP16 and BW4 2.0

Geo Filter

750 SP16 and BW4 2.0

Choropleth Default

750 SP16 and BW4 2.0 FP4

Choropleth Custom

BW4 2.0 FP4

SAP Online Documentation

SAP Notes

  • 2715030 - Considerations when using SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Live Connections in SAC

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