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Best Practice Document

Performance Improvement Features


Some advice for measuring performance with BW Live scenarios.

  • Do not measure with HAR files to measure communication with backend. They contain all requests even the majority which are served from cache and never reach the backend. Use Fiddler instead. And furthermore 50% of attached HAR files contain corrupted JSON and cannot be used.
  • Do not measure with empty cache - this will not perform. Start the application once to fill the browser cache with all Javascript. Then measure when starting the app for a 2nd time.
  • Be careful, do not press F5 key during measurememt. E.g. Edge asks the server for each JS file again whether it is still up-to-date (IF-MODIFIED => 304) leading to hundreds of 304 (not changed) responses.
    The easiest is to take an empty browser tab and the start the URL there with Return.

  • In rare cases Anti Virus tools slow down Javascript performance significantly. Please also have a look at the details Details tab of your task manager and sort descending by CPU. In case there is significant load in non-Chrome process this might be an indicator.

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