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SAP Analytics Cloud is a public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that redefines analytics in the cloud by providing all analytics capabilities (BI, Planning, Predictive) for all users in one product.

This document is focused on the live data connection to the SAP Business Warehouse (BW). It explains the prerequisites, the limitations and best practices.


  • In this Support Matrix, you see all BW Features and what SAP NetWeaver BW query functionality is compatible with SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • BW Backend and SAP Analytics Cloud should be technically in sync. For every new functionality delivered bi-weekly in SAC the backend needs in most cases as well updated. Solution: check and install the latest SNOTES.The following Note will help you, to have your Backend in Sync:

Best Practices

  • Reduce the number of charts, numeric pointers and tables to display in a single page. Each of them will create a specific HTTPS request to your BW server and will require some time to complete. Browsers have a limited number of simultaneous connections. For example, Chrome only has 6.
  • Reduce the number of input controls and filters used in your story. Depending on how you created your story, the browser may need to retrieve all the data to filter later.
  • Increase BW safety belt. More details in KBA 2459623
  • Disable Cascading Effect in filters. More information in KBA 2652024
  • Verify relevant notes for the component: BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA.  BW INA provider is the connectivity used by SAP Analytics Cloud. 

Supported Features and Known Limitations to SAP BW Live Data Connections

Before designing your story, please check this link to identify limitations when using a BW Live Data Connection:

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