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SAP Analytics Cloud can consume SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Universes in two ways:

  1. Live. This means the data is not uploaded to SAP Analytics Cloud, instead the data stays on-premise.
  2. Imported. This means the data is uploaded to SAP Analytics Cloud.


Live Universe Connectivity

Live Universe Connectivity can be configured in two ways:

  1. Using a 'PATH' which means a Reverse Proxy is used.
  2. Using 'DIRECT' which means no Reverse Proxy is required, instead CORS is used to enable the data connectivity

Architecture for PATH (using a Reverse Proxy)

  • User interaction with the data is truly live
  • Database performance is critical
  • SSL is a requirement on the Web App ‘cs_ina_agent’

  • All security provided by the BI Platform is inherited


Architecture for DIRECT (using CORS)

  • The direct (CORS) connection just removes the need for a Reverse Proxy
  • SSL is a requirement on the Web App ‘cs_ina_agent’

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