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This sample file is for Live Universe Connector version 1.x

This wiki page needs to be updated for version 2.x (coming soon!)


This page provides a sample file that is needed to enable Live Universe connectivity.

# This is and typically this sits in C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\conf
# The cs_ina_agent.WAR application will use this file to connect to the BI Platform.
# The Web Application Server hosting cs_ina_agent.WAR knows about this file via the Java Options
# -DBocInaAgentConfigurationFile=C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\conf\
# The cs_ina_agent.WAR application will connect using a RESTful interface and thus it needs to connect to
# a RESTful API hosted by the BI Platform.
# the boe.hostname entry in this file needs to point to either:
#  1 ) the Web Application Container Service which runs on the default port of 6405.
#      so the entry is boe.hostname=http://localhost:6405
#      Make sure WACS is running!
#  2 ) OR the Web Application Server hosting RESTul Web Services (BI 4.2 SP5 onwards) and
#      the CMC-Applications-RESTful Web Service is set to use the WebApplication server port
#      rather than the default 6405.
#      so the entry is boe.hostname=http://localhost:8080
# If changes are made to this file the Web Application Server (i.e. Tomcat) will need to be restarted

# boe.hostname=http://localhost:8080

# deprecated setting. Please do not use 'compatibleUniverseFolder' any more, it will be removed later from the product
# boe.compatibleUniverseFolder=Universes

# The boe.temporaryDocumentFolder holds the name of the folder that is created inside each users Favourites folder when they consume
# a Live Universe connection. Temporary Web Intelligence documents are created this in folder. These documents are then auto-deleted
# when the user next logons to SAP Analytics Cloud and consumes a Live Universe Connection and the document is at least 2 days old
# The boe.useUnvListCache parameter hides universes created after your session has been created.
# Typically set to 'true' for production systems and 'false' for development systems
# boe.useUnvListCache=false

# The boe.useUniverseCache parameter hides potential changes made to a universe since it has last been imported.
# Typically set to 'true' for production systems and 'false' for development systems
# boe.useUniverseCache=false




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