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The following tutorials have been developed to help you get started using SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) and SAP Digital Boardroom. New content is added as soon as it becomes available, so check back on a regular basis. These videos include optional text captions that can be translated into a number of languages. Watch here to learn how.

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Want more information about SAP Analytics Cloud? Check out the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud: Handbook.

Getting Started


Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud3:22
Log in and manage a user profile (2018.12.6)2:22
Customize the Home screen (2018.12.1)2:24
Collaborate using discussions (2018.12.1)3:33
Manage files (2018.5.1)2:41
Manage calendar tasks and processes (2018.17.2)5:54



Work with stories in the mobile app (2.23.0)3:47

Models and Connections


UPDATED    Create planning models based on blank models (2019.6.1)11:50
UPDATED    Add dimensions to models (2018.5.1)5:35
UPDATED    Set preferences for models (2019.7.2)4:30
UPDATED    Import data into planning or analytic models (2019.6.1)


UPDATED    Create models by importing from files (2019.6.1)6:28
UPDATED    Schedule jobs to import data into models (2019.7.2)2:28
UPDATED    Manage model currency settings (2019.6.1) 3:53
Create and edit currency conversion tables (2018.16.3)5:03
Work with preconverted actuals data (2018.16.3)3:27
Import master data into public dimensions (2018.12.1)2:18
Index models based on live data for Search to Insight (2018.19.2)1:39
UPDATED    Resolve data quality issues (2019.6.1)5:17
UPDATED    Enrich date dimensions (2019.6.1)2:59
UPDATED    Enrich geographic dimensions (2019.6.1)2:05
UPDATED    Enrich dimensions using attributes (2019.6.1)1:45
UPDATED    Create parent-child hierarchies (2019.6.1)3:18
UPDATED    Create level-based hierarchies (2019.6.1)5:08
UPDATED    Create formulas and variables (2019.7.2)3:23
Create inverse formulas to allow planning on formula cells in tables (2018.20.1)2:40
Rebuild models (2019.2.2)1:32
Import and unpivot cross table data (2019.3.2)3:46
Create calculated columns (2019.3.5)2:45
Apply aggregation settings in models (2018.20.1)3:00
Create and work with required dimensions (2018.19.2)3:07
Set conditional formatting thresholds in models (2018.7.2)2:05
Create points of interest (2018.7.2)3:39
Apply model security (2018.19.2)2:42
Apply model privacy (2018.19.2)1:48
Apply data locking (2018.11.3)4:30
Export models as CSV files (2018.18.2)4:09
Create live data connections to SAP HANA (2018.14.1) 3:43
Create live data connections to SAP S/4HANA (2018.15.2)3:12
Create live data connections to SAP BW (2018.14.1)2:47
Create live data connections to SAP universes (2018.15.2) 3:13
Change the data source for models based on live data connections (2018.20.1)1:40
Create connections to Fieldglass (2018.21.2)2:04
Create connections to Google BigQuery (2018.22.2)2:58
Create connections to file servers (2019.4.4)2:33
Create connections to SAP BPC (2019.2.2)6:10
Create connections to SAP BW (2018.15.2)3:27
Create connections to SAP ERP (2018.15.2)2:50
Create connections to SAP universes (2018.15.2)2:49
Create connections to SQL databases (2018.22.2)3:37
Create connections to SAP Concur (2018.22.2)2:50
Create connections to Google Drive (2018.22.2)2:07
Create connections using OData services (2018.21.2)4:07
Create connections to SAP Cloud for Customer (2018.21.2)3:19
Create connections to SAP SuccessFactors (2019.2.2) 3:29
Create connections to SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (2019.2.2)  2:16

Share connections (2019.3.5)




Work with stories (2018.12.6)4:30
Create stories (2018.7.2)1:57
Import data into stories (2018.7.2)4:53
Explore data (2018.7.2) 3:25
Build stories automatically (2018.7.2)1:05
Link models based on shared dimensions (2018.7.2)3:40
Create a measure for data sources without measures (2018.18.2)    1:07
Add missing rates to currency conversion tables (2019.2.2)    1:20
Publish models from data imported directly into stories (2018.7.2) 2:35
Search to insight (2018.11.3)2:26
Use Smart Discovery (2018.21.2)4:15
Use Smart Insights (2018.7.2) 1:40
Create R visualizations (2018.8.2) 4:24
Add predictive forecasts to charts (2018.8.2)3:46
Set conditional formatting thresholds in stories (2018.8.2)5:32
Create calculated measures (2018.8.2) 3:26
Create restricted measures (2018.12.1) 2:13
Create difference from calculations (2018.12.1) 2:54
Create aggregations (2018.12.1)2:32
Create calculated dimensions (2018.18.2) 2:06
Create measure-based dimensions (2018.19.2)2:06
Add currency conversion cross calculations to tables (2018.19.2)3:53
Create forecast and rolling forecast cross calculations (2019.2.2)2:48
Create dynamic forecast cross calculations (2019.3.2)3:01
Create charts (2018.7.2) 4:29
Add reference lines to charts (2018.15.2)3:03
Add variance to charts (2018.15.2)2:50
Set up linked analysis (2018.16.3)2:51
Examine the data behind charts (2018.16.3)0:51
Add dynamic time calculations to charts (2018.16.3)1:03

Normalize trend time series charts (2018.16.3)

Set up waterfall charts (2018.16.3)2:41
Set chart axis ranges (2018.18.2)1:31
Align the axes of different charts (2018.18.2)1:15
Apply chart scaling (2018.18.2)1:11
Add a trellis to charts (2019.1.1)0:59

Apply Smart Grouping to bubble and scatterplot charts (2019.1.1)

Create tables and grid pages (2018.7.2) 5:34
Create geo maps (2018.7.2)4:19
Add point of interest layers to geo maps (2018.7.2) 2:19
Add feature layers to geo maps (2018.17.2) 0:56
Add flow layers to geo maps (2018.17.2)1:37
Apply story filters (2018.14.1)3:27
Apply filters to charts (2018.14.1)4:45
Apply filters to tables (2018.14.1)3:10
Apply filters to geo maps (2018.14.1)2:49
Apply filters to pages using input controls (2018.15.1)4:18
Create measure or dimension input controls (2018.15.1)1:07
Apply advanced filters (2018.15.1)3:48
Apply dynamic time range filters (2018.15.1)1:41
Apply page layouts (2018.19.2)3:18
Create custom color palettes (2018.22.2)2:17
Apply styling (2018.22.2)2:49
Apply styling to tables (2018.22.2) 3:43
Manage pages and objects (2019.1.1)1:56
Set up story-level styling preferences (2018.19.2)2:16
Add images, shapes, and text (2018.20.1)3:24
Add dynamic text (2018.18.2)1:53
Set up hyperlinks (2018.20.1)1:39
Add clocks, RSS feeds, and embedded web pages (2018.20.1)1:37
Add currency and operator symbols to text (2018.22.2) 0:45
Add comments (2018.22.2)2.22
Share stories (2018.22.2)2:09
Export stories to PDF and Google Slides (2019.2.2)4:14
Save stories as templates (2018.22.2) 1:57
Export data for charts and tables to CSV (2018.22.2)1:44
Pin data points in charts (2018.22.2)1:22

SAP Digital Boardroom


Create Digital Boardroom agendas (2018.9.5) 5:05
Create Digital Boardroom dashboards (2018.9.5) 6:18
Apply styling to agendas and dashboards (2018.9.5)4:49
Present agendas and dashboards (2018.9.5)5:44
Set up topic filters (2018.15.2)2:13
Set up cross-topic filters (2018.15.2)2:12



Create and manage versions and categories (2018.8.2) 5:19
Create and execute allocations (2018.8.2)6:44
Spread values in tables (2018.7.2)5:26
Distribute values in tables (2018.8.2)1:58
Assign values in tables (2018.8.2)2:11
Create input tasks (2018.7.2)5:12
Create value driver trees (2018.9.5)8:09
Add value driver trees to stories (2018.9.5)2:42
Add new dimension members in tables (2018.9.5)1:28
Create data action processes (2018.12.1)  4:12
Add data action triggers to stories (2018.12.6)1:58
Create predictive forecasts for planning data (2018.18.2)1:07
Copy and paste values in tables (2018.18.2)4:02
Add comments in tables based on planning models (2018.19.2)3:19
Enter values in tables using Mass Data Entry mode (2018.18.2)




Create and manage users (2018.12.6)2:29
Create and manage roles (2018.12.6)3:48
Create and manage teams (2018.12.6)1:24
Assign a system owner (2018.12.6)1:09
Monitor user activity, data changes, and system usage (2018.22.2)3:19
Export and import content for deployment (2018.22.2)5:09
Get sample and business content (2018.9.5)2:33

To view the full SAP Analytics Cloud playlist on YouTube, click here.




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