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(warning) This wiki page is in development and is not yet complete. Any 'white space' simply means the wikis' author has not yet validated if that feature is supported or not.

(warning) The purpose of this wiki page is to collect information from various official sources and present them together here in one holistic view. Where possible official references will be mentioned.

(warning) Thus, information here is not to replace anything from official System Requirements page or official documentation, nor will any information held here overrides anything mentioned in the official System Requirements or official documentation. Official source information ALWAYS overrides anything mentioned in this wiki.

(warning) Caution is always used before an entry is made. The wikis' author has gone to great lengths to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date, however mistakes are made!. Nevertheless, in general, this wiki should be considered accurate and up-to-date. Any corrections needed are welcome to ensure its accuracy.



Live Model Support

 SAP Cloud PlatformOn Premise (or SAP HEC)Reference page(s)Comments

(tick) (C) (D)

(tick) (A) (C) (D)


(tick) (D) (E)

(tick) (A) (B) (D)  


  • SAP BW running on any DB
  • SAP BW running on SAP HANA





  1. Support Matrix for SAP BW
  1. SAP Note CDS Transient Provider: CX_RODPS_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND shows additional requirements on BW
  2. Supported versions:

    1. SAP BW 7.5 SP8+ (recommendation)

    2. SAP BW 7.4 SP17+

    3. SAP BW/4HANA SP4+

    4. Latest correction notes must be applied for the versions listed above. See SAP Note 2541557.

  3. SAP Note 2541557 also contains additional information on the following:

    1. Support versions prior to SAP BW 7.5 SP8

    2. Support versions of SAP BW 7.51 SP2+ or SAP BW 7.52

    3. Support versions prior to SAP BW 7.4 SP17

  4. Can connect to ABAP-based CDS queries (these can also be acquired using the BW acquisition connector)



  1. A single SAP Analytics Cloud story can not display a visualisation from a BEx Query based off a CDS View, AND a visualisation from a BEx Query based off a HANA calculation view. Its one or the other, not both at the same time within the same story.

  • Universes are hosted within on-premise software. The on-premise software can be hosted in the Cloud with a supported IaaS provider.
  • (A) If using choropleth layer when working with geospatial models you must download and import the new version of the delivery unit, SPATIAL_DATA-1.1.6.tgz. Access to this delivery unit requires an SAP HANA Spatial license.
  • (B) HANA 2.0 is supported for On-Premise: SAP HANA 2.0 SP01 or newer. Recommended HANA 2.0 SP2 rev 024.05 or higher) with the SAP HANA EPMMDS plugin. SAP Note 2456225 and SAP Note 2444261 provide additional setup information.
  • (C) for HANA 1.0 recommended to use SPS12 revision 122.14 or higher (to benefit from blending and other capabilities such as Aggregation Calculations (avg, count, min/max), Time Calculations (Previous Year/Quarter/Month, Year/Quarter/Month To Date.'Difference From'), Variances(Time,  Version and Measure), Blending (see below))
  • (D) can only consume HANA Calculation Views. A HANA based CDS view requires a HANA Calculation View to be created on it.
  • (E) HANA 2.0 is supported for SAP Cloud Platform regardless of where the SAP Analytics Cloud Service is hosted. When HANA 2.0 is hosted as a service (HANA as a Service, HaaS) then there are a few limitations: GeoMaps are not supported (though this is planned to be resolved soon). Data Blending is limited to HANA Calculation Views on the same HaaS. It means browser based and SDI-based data blending is not supported.

Related and useful references:

  1. Error "Failed to connect to system in SAP Analytics Cloud" when defining a live connection - KBA 2544696

Live Model Connection Support

 Browser (desktop)Mobile AppHTTP
 Reverse ProxyConnectionAuthenticationReverse ProxyConnectionAuthenticationProtocol
 ApacheWeb DispatcherTypeUsername and passwordSSOApacheWeb DispatcherTypeUsername and passwordSSO 
HANA (on premise)  

Direct (tick) (B)

(tick)SAML (tick)(tick)(error)Direct (tick)(tick)SAML (tick)1
HANA (SAP Cloud Platform)  

Cloud (tick)

(tick) (error) (K)SAML (tick)(tick)(error)Cloud (tick)(tick) (G)SAML (tick)1
BW (on premise)  

Direct (tick) (A)

(tick)SAML (tick)(tick)(error)Direct (tick)(tick)SAML (tick)2
BPC  Direct (tick)(tick)SAML (tick)(tick)(error)   1
S/4 (on premise)  

Direct (tick) (F)

(tick) (I)SAML (tick) (J)(tick)(error)

Direct (tick)

(tick)SAML (tick) 
S/4 (Cloud)  Cloud (tick) (F)(error)OAuth (tick)(tick)(error)(error) ?(error) ?(error) ?1
Universe  Direct (tick) (C) (D)(tick)SAML (tick) (E)n/a(error)(error) (H)(error) (H)(error) (H)1
  • A) requires BW 7.52 onwards. See blog
  • B) The SSL server certificate of the HANA XS system must be a valid one that is trusted by your users’ web browsers (see SAP Note 2502174 for details)
  • C) required BI 4.2 Support Pack 4 or greater
  • D) the web application server fronting the SAP BI Platform must be configured for SSL
  • E) SAML setup required on BI Platform. Each user must have an enterprise alias.
  • F) previously this was not supported, though it is now. The documentation may appear to limit this to PATH only, however DIRECT connection is also supported
  • G) Option to 'Save this credential for all users on this system'
  • H) Currently not supported, please refer to the SAP Roadmap for details on the plan
  • I) Username and password not supported when S/4HANA on-premise is federated through an SAP S/4HANA Front-end server (FES) / SAP Fiori Front-end server (FES)
  • J) Setup of the connection requires the user to have access to the S/4HANA backend system.
  • K) HANA as a Service (HaaS) version 2 does not support username/password authentication, only SAML SSO is supported. When HANA is hosted on Cloud Foundry a custom IdP is required, the default IdP is not sufficient.


Reverse Proxy Support

Requirements for all direct connections

  • Communication from the browser to the database must use HTTPS and thus the browser must trust the SSL certificate being used. Some organisations have special policies around the use of which Trusted Authorities can be used.
  • The browser must support 3rd party cookies
  • The browser must allow pop-ups

Limitations to SAP HANA and SAPCP Live Data Connections


Useful or related articles

  • HANA On Premise: InA role missing after HANA update SAP Note 2315536


BW System Requirements changes by wave

This table shows, by wave release, when on-premise BW system requirements change to benefit from additional SAP Analytics Cloud features for BW.

Importantly this is NOT a list of the changes to minimum BW System requirements. Please refer to the official System Requirements page found within the help pages within your SAP Analytics Cloud Service.

WaveQuarterly Release ?Requirements for Further Supported FeaturesNote Analyser file nameNotes Added or Updated compared to previous XML file version
(NOT an accurate number)
Need to update BW comments
2018.22NoSAP Note 2541557SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2018-wave22_onwards.xml  
2019.01NoSame as 2018.22SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2018-wave22_onwards.xml  
2019.02Yes (for some Data Centres, not others)Same as 2018.22SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2018-wave22_onwards.xml  
2019.03NoSame as 2018.22SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2018-wave22_onwards.xml  
2019.04Yes (for some Data Centres, not others)SAP Note 2541557SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2019-wave04_onwards.xmlApproximately 46 SAP NotesIn general, update to BW is only needed if wishing to use new BW live features: Time Series, Waterfall, Waterfall delta and Basic Variance.
2019.05NoSAP Note 2541557SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2019-wave05_onwards.xmlApproximately 18 SAP Notes 
2019.06NoSame as 2019.05   
2019.07NoSAP Note 2541557SAP_BW_Analytics_Cloud_Connection_2019-wave07_onwards.xmlTo be updated soon
2019.08Yes (for all Data Centres)At least same as 2019.07 (subject to change)Yet to be confirmedYet to be confirmed 

(warning) In general we also recommend to plan an upgrade to upcoming feature packs NW BW 7.50 SP16, BW/4 2.0 SP0 or 1 and 7.54 to consume additional features like geo and linked analysis with more than one dimension and others.

Additional information on the purpose of this table and how to understand it is available in a blog


Live BW Support

BW featureSupported in SAP Analytics Cloud
TableHierarchy - Show node above(tick)
Table/ChartDisable dynamic variables (customer/BW exit variables)(tick)



Live BPC Support

BPC featureSupported in SAP Analytics Cloud
Cell Locking(tick)


Live Universe Support

SAP Analytics Cloud Wave and Live Universe Connector Support Matrix
Live Universe Connector VersionSAP Analytics Cloud Wave 2018.14 on onwards

Version 1.04 (v1 SP4)

Version 1.05 (v1 SP5)(tick)

Version 1.06 (v1 SP6)

Version 1.07 (v1 SP7)(tick)
Version 2.00 (v2)(tick)

KBA 2492800 Version 1 SP5 Release information and download

Acquired Model Support

Acquired Model Scheduling Support

 Import ScheduleExport ScheduleReference Page(s)Comments
CSV, Excel(tick)(tick)
  1. Blog on how to setup the Agent for scheduled imports
  • (A) The agent requires a small configuration change.
  • (B) Importing directly through the web browser is also supported, however only schedule imports can be made via Agent
Odata Cloud(tick)   
Odata on-premise(tick)   
HANA via OData(tick)?  

Expose as an Odata source, then consume the odata source in SAC

HANA via JDBC(error)(error)  
SAP S/4HANA(tick)(tick)  
BPC(tick) (Planned)(tick) (Planned)  

SAC Agent requirements:

  • SAP Cloud Connector must be installed and configured on premise. Blog on how to setup the SAP Cloud Connector
  • If running the SAC Agent as a windows  services, then Environmental variables may not be read if the service runs as 'Local System Account', so for the properties path either start the service as a user (rather than Local System) or use the '-D' parameter.

Acquired Model Combining Data Support

(warning)This is a planned feature and is not currently available

Join typesLeft outer, inner
Maximum data sources10 (from Q2 2019 release)
Maximum cells (in all the data to be joined)30 million

Support by Connection (also shows 'Live' with 'Import Data' comparisons)

Modelling Supported Features

 Live ConnectionsImport Data Connections
Planning Models(error) (error) (tick) (error) 
Single Date Dimension(tick)   (warning)(tick)
Multiple Date Dimensions(tick)    (tick) (C) (Planned)
Parent-child hierarchy on Dimensions(tick)(tick)  (error)(tick)
Level-based hierarchy on Dimensions(tick)(error)  (error)(tick) (B)
Hierarchy on Measures(tick)   (error)(tick)
Hierarchy on Date (Years to Days, which is 'Time')(tick)(warning) (D)  (error)(tick)
Hierarchy on Time (Hours to milliseconds)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)
Convert a date or string-based time dimension into a time hierarchy (aka time enrichment)(tick) (A)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)
Version (aka Category) (i.e. supports actuals, budgets etc.)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
  • A) Requires HANA 2.0 and HANA Model Date Enrichment DU. Enables consumption of time based features without the need to model in the source system. String-based time dimensions supports formats YYYYMMDD, YYYYMM and YYYYQ
  • B) Maximum 8 levels
  • C) Planned for both Analytical and Planning Models, though Planning Models is planned for a little later. For Planning models, only 1 fiscal date is supported, i.e. you can not currently have different dates for different fiscal periods.
  • D) Planned for time series charts

Universe Support Matrix

General Support for Universes
 FeatureLive (1.05, 1.06, 1.07)Live (2.0) (not yet available)Import DataComments
Build an SAP Analytics Cloud Model off a...


UNV Universes(tick)(tick)(error) 

Relational UNX Universes (Single and Multi Source)

Stored Procedure Universe(tick)(tick)(error) 
JavaBeans Universe  (error) 
Multi-dimension Universes based off OLAP connection(error)(error)  
 Minimum BI Platform VersionBI 4.2 Support Pack 4 (B) BI 4.1 Support Pack 5
  • (A) Recommended to use BI 4.2 SP5 Patch 1 due to performance improvements made with that version
  • (B) Recommended to use BI 4.2 SP5 Patch 4 due to performance improvements with large data sets and scalability
 Web Application ServerTomcat 7 and 8+ Tomcat 7 
 Model enrichment(error) (B)(error)(tick)
  • (B) Planned
 Define Universe Query as a data source for model definition(tick)(tick)(tick) 
 Create a model off a Web Intelligence document(error)(error)(error) 
 Multi language support(error) (E)(error)(error)
  • (D) the connection to the BI Platform specifies the language used to connect to it and it does not change dynamically. The model thus uses the language and this is why a single language is currently supported. @Variable('PREFERRED_VIEWING_LOCALE’) will not change
  • (E) Planned feature that will require an update to the BI Platform
BI Platform authenticationEnterprise(tick)(tick)(tick) 
Windows Active Directory(error)(error)(tick) 
Query as a data source Support Features

The live connector (v1.05 onwards) provides a query panel at the time of building a model in SAP Analytics Cloud. This section describes the features available with that query

  Live Connector Version 1.05, 1.06, 1.07 and 2.0Comments
Results paneDimensions (with Data Type 'String', 'Numeric')(tick) 
Dimensions (with Data Type 'Date' and 'DateTime')(tick)
  • Objects of type 'Date' (not DateTime) are required for 'Time Series' Charts
  • Objects of type 'Date' and 'DateTime' can not be filtered in the Story 'By Range', only 'By Member'
Attributes (Detail objects)(error)
  • They are not shown and so cannot be selected. For both measures and dimensions.
Measures (with Project function: sum, count, average, min, max)(tick) 
Measures (with Project function: database delegated)(error)
  • Due to the change in architecture with v1.05 this object type is no longer supported (officially it never was supported before, but it did work).
Add a combined Query(error)
  • It means performing a union, minus or intersect is not supported
Maximum number of objects150 
Filters paneBusiness Layer Filter(tick)
  • These can include prompts with/without list of values
Dimensions of Types: String, Numeric(tick)
  • 'String' data type objects in filters can have the following operators: Equal to, Except, Contains, Does not contain
  • 'Numeric' data type objects in filters can have the following operators: Equal to, Except, Greater than, Greater than or equal to, Less than, Less than or equal to
Dimensions of Type Date(tick)
  • 'Date' data type objects in filters can have the following operators: Equal to, Except, Before, Before or Including, After, After Including
  • 'Numeric' data type objects in filters can have the following operators: Equal to, Except, Greater than, Greater than or equal to, Less than, Less than or equal to
  • Defining a new prompt is not supported. Prompts need to be defined in the Universe.
Sub Query(error) 
Database Ranking(error) 
Nested filters with AND/ORs(tick) 
List of valuesSimple List of values(tick)
  • However there is a current restriction for objects defined with Index Awareness. It means the list of values shown in the query panels filter pane, when building the model, will show the Index Awareness values and not the actual 'SELECT' values as expected. This will cause the query to return no rows should any of the 'Index' values be selected. This is being tracked and under investigation (internal reference FPA55-852). It means you need to either enter the values manually, or avoid using a list of values on an Index Aware object.
Cascading List of values(tick) 
DisplayBusiness Layer Views(error)
  • Business Layer Views are supported, but you can not select the Business Layer View in the query panel to filter the objects seen.
By Navigation Path(error)
  • Hierarchies are supported, but you can change the view of objects to be listed by Hierarchies.
Object Description(tick)
  • Shown as tooltip
Relational Universe Features
 FeatureLive (v1.05 on wards and wave >=2018.14)Import DataComments
Data FoundationMultiple Contexts(tick) 
  • (A) Multiple contexts in the universe is possible. The requirement is a single 'run-time' context. All active objects (so ignoring all hidden/deprecated objects) must use only 1 context at run-time. For example multiple contexts are supported when used with @Aggregate_Aware objects as only 1 context is used. Multiple contexts resolved with JOIN_BY_SQL are not currently supported. There can not be any context prompt. Any Business Layer Security Profiles are ignored to determine the use of contexts when creating the model.
Data typesNumeric(tick) (D) 
  • (D) All numerics will be given a decimal format 0.00
Date, DateTime(tick)  
Measure ObjectsProjection Function 'sum'(tick) (F) 
  • (B) The SQL must have an aggregation function (sum, min, max, avg, count etc.), this is best practice anyway.
  • (F) Display format is not supported, defaults to decimal 0.00
Projection Function 'database delegated'(error) (Planned) 
  • (B) The SQL must have an aggregation function (sum, min, max, avg, count etc.), this is best practice anyway.
  • (F) Display format is not supported, defaults to decimal 0.00
Projection Function 'min', 'max'(tick) (F) 
  • (B) The SQL must have an aggregation function (sum, min, max, avg, count etc.), this is best practice anyway.
  • (F) Display format is not supported, defaults to decimal 0.00
Projection Function 'count', 'count without empty'(error)  
Projection Function 'average'(tick) (F) 
  • (B) The SQL must have an aggregation function (sum, min, max, avg, count etc.), this is best practice anyway.
  • (F) Display format is not supported, defaults to decimal 0.00
DetailsDetail Objects(error)  
Object PropertiesDescriptions(tick) (N) 
  • (M) they are ignored
  • (N) they are displayed as tooltips in the Query Panel when defining the model
List of ValuesSimple List of values (just a single column of values)(tick) 
  • (J) Associated List of Values on objects are used by @Prompt only. For 'Data View', 'Input Control' and filtering, the list of values used is the list generated by the SELECT statement when run on its own.
Multiple columns(tick)  
Cascading Prompts (which form a hierarchy)(tick)  
Nested, Hierarchical(error) 
  • These are list of values that are based on a custom hierarchy
SecurityUniverse Overload / Business Security Profiles and Data Security Profiles / Security Access Level(tick) 
  • (C) though any Business Security Profile is ignored to determine if a context is used at model creation time. Only 1 context is supported.
FiltersFilters (defined in the query panel) or BI Sets(tick)  
@ functions@Prompt (E), @WHERE, @SELECT, @AGGEGATE_AWARE, @Variable (H)(tick) (E) (H) 
  • (E) though there are currently limitations to the list of values
  • (H) @Variable('PREFERRED_VIEWING_LOCALE') is not currently supported. Means a multi-lingual universe requires an SAC model per language. The language of the model is the language used in the SAC connection to the BI Platform. so the value of PREFERRED_VIEWING_LOCALE is fixed and set at model creation time.
Universe Optimisations

Index Awareness, Select optimisation (DISTINCT_VALUES)

(tick) (L) 
  • (G) The universe can be index aware but SAC will ignore any index awareness properties
  • (L) Currently this means the list of values shown in the query panels filter pane, when building the model, will show the Index Awareness values and not the actual 'SELECT' values as expected. This will cause the query to return no rows should any of the 'Index' values be selected. This is being tracked and under investigation (internal reference FPA55-852). It means you need to either enter the values manually, or avoid using a list of values on an Index Aware object. Objects with Index Awareness defined can be used in the model.
SQL Optimisation (ANSI_92), Inline views (BOUNDARY_WEIGHT_TABLE) (I)(tick) 
  • (I) BOUNDARY_WEIGHT_TABLE is supported, however a linked universe will ignore this setting, instead the linked universe must be included and the table row count set for this to work.

Planning Models

 Model based off ...
SAP Analytics Cloud FeatureBPC Live connectionBPC Import DataFile (generic Planning model)
Advanced Planning (Spreading / Allocations)(error)(tick)(tick)
Data Action(error)(tick)(tick)
Value Driver Tree(error)(tick)(tick)

Model Formula

(click to sort)Available in Data Wrangling for all Import Data Connections (available before model creation)Available in Modeller for Acquired Data Sources (available after model creation)
If(tick) maximum depth 97 levels(tick)
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)(error)(tick)
SMA (Simple Moving Average(error)(tick)
YoY (Year over Year)(error)(tick)



Model Building

  Reference page(s)Comments
Geo coding by longitude and latitude(tick)
  1. Creating a Model with Coordinate or Area Data for Geospatial Analysis
Geo coding by name(tick)
  1. Creating a Model with Coordinate or Area Data for Geospatial Analysis
  1. USA State and County data only
  2. Plans for other countries (SAP internal reference FPA00-3706)

Points of Interest

Points of Interest Reference page(s)Comments
Create point of interest from amodel


  1. Creating points of interest
  1. Currently the model must be acquired model, either a normal Analytic model or a Planning model.
  2. (SAP internal reference: FPA00-8140)
CSV or an Excel File(tick)
  1. Creating Point of Interest Data from a CSV or an Excel file

ESRI shape file(tick)
  1. Creating Point of Interest Data from an Esri Shapefile


General Planning

 BPC Live ConnectionData Import Connections 
Data Actions(error)(tick) 
Value Driver Tree(error)(tick) 


SAP Analysis for Office Edition for SAP Analytics Cloud (not standard edition)

  Planning use-case (write back)Analysis use-case (read only)
AcquiredAnalytical Model(tick)(tick)
Planning Model(tick)(tick)
LiveHANA(error)(tick) indirect access via an SAC model
BW(error)(tick) indirect access via an SAC model

Useful links

  • utube connect to SAC from Analysis for Office

Consumable Artefacts


Link Models (aka 'Blending'. Multiple data sources within a single visualisation)

Matrix to show which models can be blended to other models based upon the connection underlying the SAC model.Secondary Model
Live ConnectionsAll Import Data Connections
Primary ModelLive ConnectionsHANA(tick) (A)(error)(error)(tick) (B)
BW(error)(tick) (C) (Planned)(error)(tick) (C)
All Import Data Connections(tick) (B)(tick) (C)(error)(tick)
  • A) Story level linking is supported when the data sources are HANA with a Live Connection to the same HANA instance/tenant using the very same connection as defined inside SAP Analytics Cloud (2 connections sharing the same connection properties are not enough). For HANA 1.0 this requires SPS12 revision 122.14 or higher and for HANA 2.0 this requires SAP Notes 2456225 and 244261. Story and Page Filtering on a measure is not supported with blended models. Additionally (planned feature) is for no requirement for SDI and the blending occurs in the browser with additional restrictions (to be added soon)
  • B) Requires HANA 2.0 and Smart Data Integration (SDI) to be setup between HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud. This means and SDI Agent to be running and connected to the HANA system. Remote Blending will require aggregated data to be moved to SAP Analytics Cloud servers (and temporarily stored there) if the primary data model is the acquired model. Equally if the primary data model is HANA, then aggregated acquired data will need to be moved to HANA (and temporarily stored there). The SAP HANA system must have a full use license (currently), an SAP HANA runtime (REAB) license is planned to be supported.
  • C) Requires SAP BW on HANA or SAP BW/4HANA. Blending is always processed in the SAP Analytics Cloud. BW aggregated data is held in SAP Analytics Cloud for 1 hour for blending purposes and then deleted. Restrictions: Two structure queries, Key Figure Model (temporarily restriction). SAP Note 2715871. Additionally there are two technical ways in which the data is blended: either is blended in the browser (planned feature) (which has some limitations but does not require BW on HANA!) OR it can use SDI. (this comment needs to be re-worded)

Linking Variables (multiple data sources linked by the prompt/variable)

Matrix to show which models can be linked to other models based upon the connection underlying the SAC model.LiveAll Import connections
LiveHANA(tick)    (tick)
BW (tick) (A)    
Universe    (tick) 
All Import connections(tick)     

When linking variables there are two options: link 'intersecting data only', or 'all data'.

Once variables are linked, the user is only prompted once for the variable instead of multiple times

  • A) BW can only 'intersect' data. BW hierarchy name and node variables are not supported

General features

Stories, Pages, Table and Charts

This section applies to tables and charts, subsequent sections may break out individual features by table or chart types

  Live connectionImport connection 
  HANAHANA Cloud PlatformBWS/4BPCUniverseBWBPCUniverseGeneral 
Measures Create Measures: Calculated Measure / Restricted Measure(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick) (M)    
  • (M) requires BI 4.2 SP4 Patch 3
Create Measure: Difference from
(this is comparisons over time periods, like YoY etc.)
Create Measure: Aggregation(tick) (N)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick) (tick) 
  • (N) SAP HANA models prior to version 122.14 do not support aggregations
Create Measure: Date Difference (max, min, average, sum) on Y Q, M, Week, Day (B) (V)(tick) (P)(error)(error)(error)(error)     
Filter on Measures (on: Story, Page, Widget)(tick) (Q) (T)(error)(error)(error)(error) (F) (Planned)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
 Dimensions      Hierarchies and drill(tick)   (error)     
Filter on Dimensions(tick)(tick)(tick) (H) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)  
Dimension Linking (tick)(error) (error) (Planned)    
  • Dimension linking enables filtering of one dimension in a model to filter the linked dimension in another. This is not blending!
Calculated Dimension by concatenating two dimensions(tick)  (error)(error) (Planned)     
Calculated Dimension by grouping members(tick) (B)(error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Calculated Measure-based Dimensions(tick) (Q) (Planned)(error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) (Planned) 
Custom Sorting of Dimensions (R)(tick) (Planned for tables. Charts supported today)(error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Dynamic Filter (tick)  (tick)    
  • Dynamic Filter is ability to set the widget to use a different variable compared to the story variable
 Linked Analysis(tick)(tick)(tick)(I)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
 Dynamic Text in titles (Charts already supported, planned for tables)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
 Thresholds(tick)(tick) (Y)(tick) (Y) (error)     
 Positioning of Currency/Scale (i.e. €50 v 50€) based on Service setting(tick) (Q)(tick) (S)      (tick) Planned 
 Hyperlink (enables dynamic URL containing dimension value)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Limited to 1 URL per widget (chart/table). Measure values can not be included in the URL. If needed, create a dimension of the measure. If more than one URL is needed consider Application Building
  Live connectionImport connection 
  HANAHANA Cloud PlatformBWS/4BPCUniverseBWBPCUniverseGeneral 
ChartRanking Top N filtering on hierarchies for charts and tables(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)     
Ranking Top N filtering on flat dimensions(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error) (Planned)     
Sorting    (tick)     
Waterfall ChartsGeneral Support(tick)(tick) Planned (E)(tick) Planned (E)(error)    (tick) 
Time Series ChartsGeneral Support(tick) (B)(tick)(error)(error)(tick)     
Apply fixed and dynamic filters to Time series charts (Y, Q, M, D, Hr, Min, S, mS, Current Y/Q/M)(tick)(tick)  (error)   (tick) 
Time series chart hierarchies supported in the x-axis Y, M, D (Planned)  (error)     
VarianceMeasure compared with another Measure(tick) (A?)(tick) (Planned 2019.04)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Based on Version(tick) (A)(error) (Planned) (X)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Based on Time Hierarchy(tick) (U)(error) (Planned) (X)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
HistogramGeneral Support(tick) (Q)  (error)    (tick) 
Dynamic Image WidgetGeneral Support(tick) (Planned) (B)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error) 
GeoMapsGeneral support(tick) (D)(tick) (Planned) (E)(error)(error)(error) (error) (tick) 
Hierarchies(error)   (error)     
  Live connectionImport connection 
  HANAHANA Cloud PlatformBWS/4BPCUniverseBWBPCUniverseGeneral 
TablesTable totals, when a Top N filter is applied(tick)(error)(error) (error) (Planned)     
Sorting    (tick)     
Custom Sorting of Dimensions (to merge)(tick) (Planned)(error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Export Data as CSV  (error) (tick)     
Re-order measures (tick) (Planned) (W)        
  Live connectionImport connection 
  HANAHANA Cloud PlatformBWS/4BPCUniverseBWBPCUniverseGeneral 
ExplorationSearch on dimension value (error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick) 
Exclude Dimension value (error) (error)(tick)   (tick) 
Dimension sorting on hierarchies (error) (error)(error)     
  Live connectionImport connection 
  HANAHANA Cloud PlatformBWS/4BPCUniverseBWBPCUniverseGeneral 
KPICreate KPI    (error)     
Alerts  (tick) (J) (error)    
  • (J) except for SAP S/4HANA Cloud version 1702 when they are not supported
  • A) planned to be available from wave 2018.02 and this requires HANA 122.14 or newer
  • B) requires HANA 2.0
  • D) Documentation reference, also SAP Note 2404590
  • E) Requires BW4/HANA. For GeoMap the Choropleth layer is currently not supported, but planned to be supported with BW4/HANA SP16. BW7.5 support is planned at a later time and currently planned for September 2019 and this will require SP16. Please see the roadmap for the latest and up-to-date information.
  • F) define measure filters with @Prompt in universe as workaround.
  • H) Dimension members must not contain exclamation marks in description
  • I) SAP S/4HANA Cloud version 1702, Linked Analysis workflows may return errors with no results. Errors may occur when filtering on a member in a chart that results in the creation of a story filter, or when filtering on a member in a chart that is pushed to other charts in the linked group.
  • O) Requires HANA 2.0. Supported with Calculated and Restricted Measures. Not supported with Blended models. Calculated dimension cannot be used as aggregation context for measure based filter
  • P) Also works when time is enriched
  • Q) Requires HANA 2.0
  • R) Requires HANA 2.0. For hierarchical dimensions siblings can only be custom sorted within its parent. i.e. you can't move a member to a different parent
  • S) Requires SAP Note 270031
  • T) Calculated dimensions can not be used for measure based filters
  • U) Time based hierarchy must be defined in HANA 1.0, or for HANA 2.0 the hierarchy can be built directly in SAC modeller using a Date dimension
  • V) Both dates need to be from the same model
  • W) Re-ordering measures is support when the measures are not in a hierarchy. 
  • X) Support for variance based on 'time' and on 'version' is planned for BW 7.5 Support Pack 16 in September 2019. Support planned for BW4/HANA at a later time. 
  • Y) Threshold measure to measure comparison is not currently support for BW live or S4 live connections.

Story level formula

 Live connectionImport Data
 HANAOther Live connections 
Length(tick) (A)(error)(tick)
SubString(tick) (A)(error)(tick)
Like(tick) (A)(error)(tick)
ToNumber (Planned)(tick) (A) (Planned)(error)(error)
ToText (Planned)(tick) (A) (Planned)(error)(error)
  • A) Requires HANA 2.0

Story Visualisation of GeoMaps

  Reference page(s)Comments
Show data from a single model(tick)
  1. Creating a GeoMap
Show data from multiple models in a single geomap visualisation(tick) 
  1. Currently linked models do not work in a GeoMap. This means if model A is Geo-coded, you can't link to it, from another model B, and expect the data to be geo-coded in Model B.
  2. Plans for future (SAP internal reference FPA34-612)


  Live connectionsImport Connections
  HANABWS/4BPCUniverseall others (except BPC)BPCS/4File
 'Time series' Chart time series forecast (Analytical Models)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) (B)(tick)  (tick)
 Line Chart Time Series Forecasting (Analytical Models)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)  (tick)
 R Visualisations(tick) (A)(tick) (A)(tick) (A) (tick) (A)(tick)  (tick)
 Search to Insights(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)  (tick)
 Smart Discovery, including Simulation (E)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)  (tick)
 Smart Insights (D)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)   (tick)
 Smart Grouping (on Bubble and Scatter Plot Charts)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)  (tick)
 Smart Predict (the source is the 'Data Set') (warning) (C)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)
  • (A) limitations for the remote R server visualisations:
    • 5 millions rows and 3 million data cells.
    • 110 MB remote data size limit.
  • (B) requires a 'Date' object, not a 'DateTime' object. There is currently no hierarchy support on the 'Time', for example no month, quarter, yearly view.
  • (C) Feature dependent on hosting service.
  • (D) Dimensions with > 1,000 members are not considered, Calculated measures not supported as targets.
  • (E) Data size limitation of 1 million cells, (calculated as number of measures * number of rows).

Maximum limits

  Limit ValueComments
Input ControlMaximum unique values4000

Influence (SAP internal reference)


CommentMaximum comment threads per modelunlimited (previously was 100)
  • Adding comments on Planning Models requires the model currency to be displayed, not a local currency
  • Default setting is 3,000. Can be adjusted in 'System-Administration-System-Configuration'

Applications (Beta)

(warning) Application Building is currently in Beta and is not generally available

postMessage() (warning) (A)(tick)
onPostMessageReceived (warning) (A)(tick)
OData Services (warning) (A)(tick)
  • A) Feature dependent on hosting service

Life Cycle Management

Import/Export Support

 ObjectImport (Upload)Export (Download)

Public Folder Contents

Acquired Analytics Model (tick)(tick)
Acquired Planning ModelPublic Versions(tick)(tick)
Private Versions(error)(error)
Live Model(tick)(tick)
Digital Boardroom(tick)(tick)
Analytical Application (Beta)(tick)(tick)
Personal Folder Contents(all files)(error)(error)
Team Folder Contents(all files)(error)(error)
Data Models etcDimension(tick)(tick)
Allocation Step(tick)(tick)
Allocation Process(tick)(tick)
Value Driver Tree(tick)(tick)
Point of Interest(error)(error)
ConnectionsConnection - Live   
Connection - Acquired   
PAi (Predictive Analytics Integrator) (error)(error)
SAP Analytics HubAsset Structure (tick)(tick)
Asset Structure - Facets (tick)(tick)
Branding (tick)(tick)
Branding - Header (tick)(tick)
Branding - Home Page (tick)(tick)
Hub Contents - Assets (Visible, Hidden) (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - Assets (Drafts) (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - Uploaded pictures (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - User Data (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - User Data - Favourites (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - Picked for you (error)(tick)
Hub Contents - Usage Data (error)(tick)


Source Object in SAP Analytics CloudReference byTo the objectwhere the object is held in
BW live ModelTechnical name of the BEx queryBW BEx queryBW
BW key figure or characteristicTechnical name of the key figure or characteristicBW key figure or characteristicin the BEx Query in BW
Universe live ModelUniverse name and path as stored in the BI Platform 'universe' folderUniverseSAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
Universe BusinessObject (Dimension, Measure etc.)Object IDUniverse BusinessObjectSAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Universe
Story Widget (Chart/Table)Model nameModel (when models are in the 'Menu-Models' container)SAP Analytics Cloud
Model IDModel (when models are stored in Public and Private FoldersSAP Analytics Cloud




(for some data centres, not others)

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