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In Development - please don't rely on this wiki page currently - we're in development!


The information in this wiki page is in development and MUST NOT be relied on in anyway whatsoever!

We are currently building these pages and the information held here is likely to be incorrect as we develop it.

This info will be updated when we feel the information here can be relied upon - until then please refer to the main System Requirements page



The purpose of this wiki page is to collect information from various official sources and present them together here. Where possible official references will be mentioned.

Thus, information here is not to replace anything from official System Requirements page, nor will any information held here override anything mentioned in the official System Requirements. Official source information ALWAYS overrides anything mentioned in this wiki.



Live Model Support

 CloudOn PremiseReference page(s)Comments


(tick) (1)

  1. System Requirements
  2. Limitations to SAP HANA and SAPCP Live Data Connections
  1. If using choropleth layer when working with geospatial models you must download and import the new version of the delivery unit, SPATIAL_DATA-1.1.6.tgz. Access to this delivery unit requires an SAP HANA Spatial license.


  • SAP BW running on any DB
  • SAP BW running on SAP HANA





  1. Support Matrix for SAP BW
  1. SAP Note CDS Transient Provider: CX_RODPS_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND shows additional requirements on BW
  2. Supported versions:

    1. SAP BW 7.5 SP8+ (recommendation)

    2. SAP BW 7.4 SP17+

    3. SAP BW/4HANA SP4+

    4. Latest correction notes must be applied for the versions listed above. See SAP Note 2541557.

  3. SAP Note 2541557 also contains additional information on the following:

    1. Support versions prior to SAP BW 7.5 SP8

    2. Support versions of SAP BW 7.51 SP2+ or SAP BW 7.52

    3. Support versions prior to SAP BW 7.4 SP17




  1. A BEx Query is required if querying a CDS view or a HANA calculation view.

  2. A single SAP Analytics Cloud story can not display a visualisation from a BEx Query based off a CDS View, AND a visualisation from a BEx Query based off a HANA calculation view. Its one or the other, not both at the same time within the same story.

Universe (tick)  

Related and useful references:

  1. Error "Failed to connect to system in SAP Analytics Cloud" when defining a live connection - KBA 2544696

Live HANA Support

  Reference page(s)Comments
Predictive(warning)Limitations to SAP HANA and SAPCP Live Data Connections
  1. Only time series is supported. A time series chart is required and the model must have a time dimension to support this.
Hierarchy on Dimensions and Measures?(tick) 
  1. Parent-child hierarchy support only

Useful or related articles

  • HANA On Premise: InA role missing after HANA update SAP Note 2315536

Live BW Support


Live Universe Support

  Reference page(s)Comments


Live Model Connection Support

 Reverse Proxy 'PATH'CORS 'DIRECT'Single Sign-on (SSO)Reference page(s)Comments
HANA (on premise)



HANA (Cloud)



BW (on premise)


(tick) (A)

  1. (A) requires BW 7.52 onwards
S/4 (on premise)(tick)(error)   
S/4 (Cloud)(tick)(error)   


Reverse Proxy Support

Sometimes a reverse proxy server is required between the users browser and the SAP Analytics Cloud when connecting to an on premise data source.

Reverse Proxy Support for 'PATH' connections

The following table summarises what is supported.

 ApacheSAP Web DispatcherReference Page(s) 
HANA (on premise)



HANA (Cloud)    
BW (on premise)(tick) (A) 
  1. (A) Live Data Connection to SAP BW via HTTP Server
S/4 (on premise)    
S/4 (Cloud)    
Reverse Proxy Support for 'DIRECT' connections

Here the reverse proxy is just translating the CORS HTTP Headers so the remote data source sees that the source application is the reverse proxy. Don't forget that the source must trust the reverse proxy!

 ApacheSAP Web DispatcherReference Page(s)Comments
HANA (on premise)    
HANA (Cloud)    
BW (on premise)    
BW (Cloud)    
S/4 (on premise)    
S/4 (Cloud)    

Import Model Support


On premise source

via SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

Cloud sourceScheduleReference Page(s)Comments
Universe(tick) (tick)  
Excel(tick) (tick)
  1. Blog on how to setup the Agent for scheduled imports
  1. The agent requires a small configuration change.
  2. Importing directly through the web browser is also supported, however only schedule imports can be made via Agent

SAC Agent requirements:

  • SAP Cloud Connector must be installed and configured on premise. Blog on how to setup the SAP Cloud Connector
  • If running the SAC Agent as a windows  services, then Environmental variables may not be read if the service runs as 'Local System Account', so for the properties path either start the service as a user (rather than Local System) or use the '-D' parameter.


  Reference Page(s)Comments
Hierarchy on Dimensions(tick) 
Hierarchy on Measures(tick) 
Hierarchy on Time(tick)
  1. Year-Quarter-Month-Day levels



Model Building

  Reference page(s)Comments
Geo coding by longitude and latitude(tick)
  1. Creating a Model with Coordinate or Area Data for Geospatial Analysis
Geo coding by name(tick)
  1. Creating a Model with Coordinate or Area Data for Geospatial Analysis
  1. USA State and County data only
  2. Plans for other countries (SAP internal reference FPA00-3706)


Points of Interest

Points of Interest Reference page(s)Comments
Create point of interest from a model


  1. Creating points of interest
  1. Currently the model must be acquired model, either a normal Analytic model or a Planning model.
  2. (SAP internal reference: FPA00-8140)
Create point of interest from a CSV or an Excel File(tick)
  1. Creating Point of Interest Data from a CSV or an Excel file

Creating point of interest from ESRI shape file(tick)
  1. Creating Point of Interest Data from an Esri Shapefile






Stories and visualisations

Linking/Blending Models

Models Reference page(s)Comments
Model based off a Live Data with Model based off a Live Data(warning) 
  1. Story level linking is planned to be supported when the data sources are HANA with a Live Connection to the same HANA tenant on the same HANA instance. This is planned to be available to customers in Wave 01.2018 (SAP internal reference FPA34-396)
Model based off a Import Data with Model based off a Live Data(error)  
Model based off a Import Data with Model based off a Import Data(tick)  
 Live connection         
Ranking Top N filtering on hierarchies for charts and tables.(tick)(error) (error)         
Ranking Top N filtering is supported on flat dimensions(tick)(tick) (error)         
Table totals, when a Top N filter is applied(tick)(error) (error)         
Waterfall Charts (tick)(error)           
Time series Charts (tick)(error) (error)         
Variance Charts (tick)(error)           
Geo features (tick)(error) (error)         
Hierarchies and drill   (error)         


Story Visualisation of GeoMaps

  Reference page(s)Comments
Show data from a single model(tick)
  1. Creating a GeoMap
Show data from multiple models in a single geomap visualisation(tick) 
  1. Currently linked models do not work in a GeoMap. This means if model A is Geo-coded, you can't link to it, from another model B, and expect the data to be geo-coded in Model B.
  2. Plans for future (SAP internal reference FPA34-612)




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