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Here you can find some general documentation which is useful to understand Analytics for BPM.

Process analytics enables you to optimize your business performance by gathering historical, semi real-time or real-time data from your business processes and performing reports and analysis. To do that, you need to extract the necessary data from the process and load it into a SAP Business Warehouse (BW) system or use the real-time reporting capabilities directly on the local system. SAP Business Process Management (BPM) integration with SAP BW enables reporting on both generic process data and process context data.

Real-time analytics enables you to report against an operational system without using a BW system. Real-time analytics allows reporting on a subset of both generic process data and process context data. When performing real-time analytics, data is consumed and reports are displayed directly in the Visual Composer of the local system.

Reporting data is provided as DataSources to BW or VC. For more information, see followings:


Extracting Data to SAP Business Warehouse 

Real-Time Reporting with Visual Composer




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