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What kind of error are you facing?

Read the hints below and select the option which fits your issue better. 

Performance / OOM errors during archiving

General issues during archiving




Performance & OOM errors refer to:

  • The system restarts with and out of memory error when you are trying to archive BPM objects.
  • The performance of the system during the archiving is degraded.
  • Issues with tables: BC_BPEM_BL_ENTRY, BC_BPEM_MAIL_BL_AT, etc.

General issues include:

  • A specific process instance cannot be archived
  • Issues with the archiving jobs

 Keep in mind that both kind of issues may be related.



Here you can find some general documentation which is useful to understand the archiving functionality for BPM.

Regarding how to start an archiving session, schedule archiving or start a parallel archiving session, check the following documentation: Process Data Archiving.

As you know, the process data is archived through the XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS) and serialized and stored in XML format. Check the following documentation to understand how to configure the XML DAS: Configure and activate XML Data Archiving Service.

To define and schedule the archiving session that consists of a write and a delete job you have to use the Java Archiving Cockpit, which is integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. Learn more about it here: Java Archiving Cockpit.

The following downloadable article helps you in understanding the archiving feature: "Process Archiving using NetWeaver Business Process Management.










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