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Welcome to the SAP BPM wiki space.

This Wiki has the aim to help you in troubleshooting issues you might face during usage of the SAP Business Process Management (BPM), alongside sharing new and modified KBAs and notes on BPM area. This Wiki is maintained by the SAP Product Support colleagues working in BC-BMT-BPM* components so it is our experience solving incidents what we want to share here. 

It does not claim to be fully complete or correct, although we try our best to keep it up-to-date. Viewer discretion is advised. Its content may be modified, updated or removed without prior notice, so we do not warranty the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the content.

Todo Before Going Live
Following SAP Blog highlights 5 important things to check before going live with a newly designed BPM Process model:
BPM Guided Answers
Check the following KBA which links to the newly created UWL Guided Answers decision tree:
  • 2597478 - Investigating BPM problems - Guided Answers
  • 2665815 - List of Fixes for SAP Business Process Management (BPM) 7.50 components
  • 2666911 - List of Fixes for SAP Business Process Management (BPM) 7.40 components


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Here you can find some general documentation which is useful to understand the SAP Business Process Management.

Before you can use all components of SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) you need to perform some initial configuration steps:  Configuring Business Process Management.

SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) enables you to model, connect, compile, deploy, and maintain composite business processes: Modeling Processes with Process Composer.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator is the central administration tool for the Application Server Java (AS Java). It provides applications for monitoring, configuration, operations and troubleshooting your BPM system: Monitoring and Managing BPM Systems, Processes, and Tasks .

The process desk is a set of user interfaces and functions that enables you to manage processes and tasks and to display details on the process: Managing Processes and Tasks with the Process Desk.

Security issues that are specific to  Business Process Management: Business Process Management Security Guide .

BPM KBAs & notes classified by major topics

  1. Archiving & Deleting 


    Can archiving improve the BPM System Performance


    Process Archiving using NetWeaver BPM

    BPM Archiving

    2358320Archive button is disabled for some process instances [VIDEO]
    2013359 New feature - Deletion of BPM processes
    2367392Missing permission error for bpm_delete_only job
    2216855Behaviour of job bpm_delete_only
    bpm_delete_only job ending with error
    2004205How to check if a process instance is archived or not
    2094419Unable to create collection, returncode is 598 MODIFYPATH: E
    2138467BPM process instance archiving using PBS
    2217943Performance issue when archiving and with table BC_BPEM_EL_E
    2172254How to move the archiving storage
    2156064OOM during archiving due to big process instances
    2187944Archiving BPM Process instance fails due to missing attachme
    2245230BPM API not fetching archived process instance details

  2. Process Runtime


    Createdby field is blank in BPM Inbox


    BPM task launched with http://hostname:50000 from UWL when using SAPUI5 UI


    Java Scheduler job to initiate BPM process instances failing without apparent reason

    1893846Java server nodes hangs in “starting framework” as service fails
    1920307Principal Propagation BPM PI RFC not working
    1869499Token count exceeded in Process <...> The number of tokens i
    1857832Unable to open the task. Galaxy is currently in a non-operat
    1852539BPM Intermediate Message Event Fails
    1892127No Such Task Exception
    2136312BPM  process instance not  starting due to locale issue
    2046039BPM Memory Threshold: Number of token per process instance
    2233945Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint
    2256363NW BPM messages not appearing in PO Message Monitor
    2075882Overriding task settings for potential owners does not work
    2144323Unable to initialize clustering context
    2247999Occurrence violated, container constrained to single mandato
    1857771BPM applications cannot be started. Service is not active on
    Process instances with Adobe Interactive Forms tasks going to Failed status

  3. Process Development (NWDS) & Build


    NWDS Versions - BPMN compiler compatibility list


    SSL/HTTPS communication between Process Composer and NW Server


    Can't get READY status using getTaskAbstractsByLogonID() method


    Unable to assign Custom Technologies UI for BPM task in NWDS


    Transport NW BPM Development

    1600131NetWeaver BPM: BPMN compiler compability list
    2144475BPM compiler version does not match the runtime version
    2349381 BPM the given process model was built with a NWDS or development track of a higher version error
    1809220How to export a DC
    2059209Technical Error not Available as a Boundary Event
    2004272Unable to search UI components in process composer/ Cannot a

    You are not authorized to search principals from UME

  4. Process Deployment


    Deployment phase via SUM fails with RuntimeRepositoryException for BPEM-CONTENT

    1843141Deployment fails because the BPM compiler version does not m

  5. Administration


    How to check if SAP Netweaver BPM is up and running


    Stuck Process Instances - BPM Actions in status Queue


    BPM System Overview - Understanding the Number of Processes


    Total number of completed processes is different between BPM System Overview and Manage process view


    Not authorized to execute this action error while launching BPM task


    BPM process context data seem to be deleted  


    How to be balanced to one JAVA node directly


    How to delete either a process or a task instance


    Issue while Cancelling or suspending BPM


    'Action failed due to system error' in BPM process monitoring

    2013892Process search in Manage Process returns an error
    1868018Edit buttons for process context data are greyed out
    2138578Deployment of aborted
    1985226Missing process information in history tab
    2103136BPM toolkit cannot be installed
    2221235How to CANCEL process instances massively in BPM
    2233979Undeployment of component BPEM-BASE

  6. Database


    Table BC_BPEM_BL_ENTRY is growing rapidly


    BPM "Galaxy Base Service" is Failed and unable to start

    2138627Process instance cannot be started due to ORA-01653 error
    2177606BPM System Overview Monitor error when using Sybase DB
    2223173DB transaction logs growing up due to Java Mail Socket timeout

  7. UWL & Substitution


    "Error while trying to retrieve task" thrown for a BPM task

    1678739How To: Substitution of BPM Tasks (Scenario Descriptions)
    1922738Opening the same task in 2 windows in UWL
    1645848"From" field is empty in UWL when BPEMUWLConnector is used
    1920375Automatic put back of BPM task in UWL on close of window
    1867543Parameter "taskId" is empty error message
    2177584Exception while deleting substitution rules after upgrade
    2175807It is not possible to remove substitution rules from BPM sys
    Locale error on opening BPM task


  8. ODATA Services


    oData service for BPM does not return list of Potential Owners

    2028394The roles for using BPM OData Service in Netweaver
    2037916bpm odata Service Substitution Management
    2214478BPM Task "forbidden" issue using SAP UI5 via OData service a


  9. Analytics

    2000304Visual Composer for BPM Analytics with high data volume
    1956645Process Analytics BPM - Custom UDC Source Object not created
    1576536VC and BPM: Date entered coming incorrect +/-1 day
    2219537No records from BPM_MY_PROCESSES_DS or BPM_MY_TASKS_DS
    2255946Query using INITIATOR_NAME with BPM_MY_PROCESSES_DS fails

  10. Notification


    BPM Notification emails not sent


    IMAP BPM exceptions in the traces but no e-mail receiving configured


    BPM mail notifications not being sent due to AuthenticationFailedException

    1894586BPM mail notification traces
    2354753 BPM sent email event is not logged under history

  11. Other topics

    1886539Business Process Management (BPM) vs Business Process Monitoring in SolMan
    1922977You need to execute a business logic before completion of a task

    Undeploy/Uninstall BPM components

    1894774BPM Mail reader for forms traces
    2026750BPM API getRunningProcessInstances() not returning everything

    Deployment phase via SUM fails with RuntimeRepositoryException for BPEM-CONTENT

News from BPM Product Support

2141589 - Archiving of Completed BPM Processes is Performed for an Incorrect Period

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