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What is the behaviour of the system?

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The archiving jobs are in unknown/error status or running without activity.

I receive an "ERROR I/O problem occurred" message.

A specific process instance cannot be archived.



For archiving related issues, ensure that the latest patches for component BPEM-CORE are installed.


It is always recommended to apply the latest patches to your system. The patches have been tested by SAP and correct known bugs in the system. When a system misbehaviour appears, it is a good idea to verify that all relevant fixes are already applied to our system. You can check the version of the software components of your NetWeaver BPM system following these steps.



Firstly, connect to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator at http://<server>:<port>/nwa. Then go to Configuration and Infrastructure.





There, select System Information:






Finally, select the tab Components Info and filter by BPEM. Also, you can export the list of software component versions to an excel spreadsheet:








  • 1757810 - How to get the complete list of software components on your NetWeaver Application Server Java
  • 1752501 - How to Retrieve the Software Components information when there is no access to NWA or the System Information page



To see the corresponding fixes, go to the SAP Software Download Center. Then, make click over Support Packages & Patches and Browse Download Catalog. You can find the software components for NW BPM inside SAP NetWeaver and complementary products, SAP NetWeaver. Then you will have to select your release and entry by component BPM:











The name of the BPM components starts with BPEM. For each component, you will be able to see the dependencies and the released patches. To see which corrections have been included in each patch, make click on 'info':














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