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What is the issue you are facing?

Please, select one of these options. 

Are the system nodes restarting with OOM errors during archiving?

Are you having issues with a BPEM table?



Useful tools for performance/OOM analysis

How to generate thread dumps: You will need to create a series of 4 or 5 thread dumps, with intervals of 30 seconds to check the activity of the java threads at a certain time frame. In order to generate the thread dumps, check the instructions of the following note:

1095473 - How to get a full thread dump in AS Java

Afterwards, you can analyze them with the Thread Dump viewer, for example:

1020246 - Thread dump viewer.


How to obtain and analyze heap dumps:

How can I get a heap dump?

1883568 - How to self analyze a Heap Dump using MAT


To analyze the high CPU usage generated by the J2EE, check the following:

742395 - Analyzing High CPU usage by the J2EE

To analyze the performance, you can use the SAP JVM Profiler:

1783031 - Analyzing AS Java performance with SAP JVM Profiler




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